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Wildcard Tournament, Day 2

Posted on June 22, 2010 in Pro Tennis Talk Tournaments

June 18, 2010

Lost my first match today in the semifinals of the wildcard tournament 8-2. Just could never really get it going out there. The 8-game pro set format is tricky because you must start off well; otherwise it is difficult to dig yourself out of a hole, which is exactly what happened today. However, I’m very pleased with my play over the past two days. I couldn’t have wanted much more from my first tournament back in almost a year, and as the great coach Jose Higueras once said, “the worst thing about a loss is that you come away from it learning where you can improve”.

Later this afternoon is the sign up for the qualifying, so all the players are hanging around the club, getting some practice in, and waiting to sign up for the qualifying event. It will be a 64-player draw, played up until the quarterfinals, where the eight quarterfinalists are awarded spots in the main draw. Action will begin tomorrow morning, and in preparation I will be resting today, watching some World Cup (and how about the U.S. making that second half comeback this morning against Slovenia!), and perhaps hitting the jacuzzi this evening so my muscles can relax. I will be doing lots of stretching and hydrating today as well.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as sometimes it can be a luck of the draw (no pun intended) for guys with no ATP points to get into the qualifying draw. Sign up is this afternoon, and the first round will start tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more results!



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