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BNP Paribas Open — The Ultimate Mobile App

Posted on March 4, 2014 in Tournaments

I’m incredibly antsy and eager counting down the days till I get to enjoy the BNP Paribas Tournament this year! Always an absolute favorite for me, this year is even more exciting with all of the new additions (Stadium 2, lots of new restaurants, added practice courts, etc.)! So, while I count the hours until I get to be basking in the sun and tennis at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, I thought I’d share with you another new feature the BNP has for us this year (even if you don’t get the chance to venture out to the desert for tennis, this might be worth a download so you can keep up with all the action)!


First things first. Wifi! Yes, the Tennis Gardens has updated its technology this year and is offering wifi throughout the venue! So whether it’s checking scores on one of the courts you aren’t watching or sending a quick “out of office” email, you will find quick internet access.

Here’s the top 5 reasons you need the BNP Mobile App:

1) Schedules — Pretty self-explanatory! Daily schedules of matches, practice courts and events will be listed! This makes coordinating your day even easier!

2) Live Scores & Results — Stay up to date with any upsets or make sure you know exactly what the score is when you switch courts to start watch a new match! A great way to stay up to date with everything going on!

3) Player profiles / News / Maps / Event Guide — everything you know about the players; how to get where you want to go; any breaking news that may come up; weather updates; dining info; shopping locations; ticket info; etc.! Everything you may possibly need and more!


4) BNP Live — this is kind of a fun one! You will be able to access the BNP Radio and Live Streaming Video here!

5) Social Media & Photo Gallery — Links to all of your favorite ways to interact on social media as well as photos from on the court, off the court, and all around the grounds.

I already have my app downloaded and am ready to go — hope you will check it out as well! See you in Indian Wells!

Play with heart,



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