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Weekly Challenge: Core Work

Posted on May 5, 2014 in Tips & Drills

You’ve heard it before, tennis players need a strong core! So this week, your challenge is to key in on some core exercises to keep that core tight and strong — strengthening your wheelhouse to keep you hitting big!

Everyone always asks where power comes from when it comes to hitting a big ball and many people think it comes from strong arms. While it doesn’t hurt to be strong all over, a lot of power comes from core strength, and now you can do so much more than simple sit ups to add some variety to your core workouts!

You can find the playtesters doing a little Ab Ripper at least once a week. We all swear by that P90X workout as it is a short (15 minutes), but sweet, core workout. Some of our playtesters also keep in shape by doing the Daily HIIT workouts, which include some great core strength exercises! So we combined a little bit of each and created our own Core Workout! (If you don’t know the exercise by name, get on youtube and do a search and you can find detailed videos online!)

  • 25 IN & OUTS
  • 25 Bicycles Forward & 25 Bicycles Backward
  • 50 Mason Twists
  • Elbow Plank — Tabata Style — 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off; 8 rounds
  • Side Plank — Tabata Style — 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off; 4 rounds per side
  • 25 Heels to Heaven
  • 50 Hollow Rocks

Try to get this workout (or any other core workout) in at least once this week! If you have the chance to do it twice — do so, just don’t repeat this workout back to back days as it isn’t meant to be done every day. Also, be sure to focus on quality when you are doing these exercises. Don’t rush through them to get them over with, focus on taking your time and working on your form while utilizing your core strength to get the most out of this work out!

Accept this week’s challenge and upload your photos of you crushing your core workout to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter! Make sure you tag @tenniswarehouse and hashtag #TWweeklychallenge

Play with heart,



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