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Take flight with a new co-polyester string, Head Hawk!

Posted on November 12, 2013 in Strings

Head's new co-poly string, Hawk!

Head’s new co-poly string, Hawk!

As tennis players continue to discover the benefits of polyester strings, Head is throwing their hat into the ring with a new polyester monofilament of their own. Head Hawk is now available for purchase at Tennis Warehouse!

Hawk was designed with the help of top touring pros and utilizes a Crystal Core manufacturing process that Head claims will revolutionize the way co-polyester strings are made. It’s a complex multi-step heat treatment during production that allows for the manipulation of the molecular crystal core of the string as well as the properties of its outer layers. This re-engineered molecular structure produces a string that sends more energy back into the ball at impact, all the while offering a dampened yet responsive feel for the player, resulting in a blend of power, control, comfort and feel.

Aside from the technological mumbo jumbo, this string actually performs the way Head intended it to. We found Hawk to be a medium-powered poly that DID offer noticeable comfort and responsiveness. Often times, when a string is too soft and dampened, the player loses the connection with the ball, as it just feels “distant” at contact. Hawk offers this soft feel, but at the same time allows you to feel totally connected and in control of the ball. This is a difficult combination to achieve, and Head certainly seems to have done it!

This is a great co-poly string for the player that likes a soft, dampened feel but still wants a livelier response.  Usually you get one or the other with a poly, but Hawk is pretty unique in that it offers both.  It’s also perfect for the poly player struggling with a bit of arm pain or for someone that’s looking to try their first polyester string.

There’s a lot of co-polyester strings on the market, so it’s easy to get paralyzed by the vast selection when trying to choose one. Many of them play similarly too. However, we recommend giving Head Hawk a try because it’s good and it’s unique.  It’s offered in 16g, 17g and 18g in two different colors and in both sets and reels!  SEE OUR VIDEO REVIEW HERE!

In our opinion, the strings most similar to it would be Yonex Poly Tour Pro or IsoSpeed BlackFire.  Let your game soar to new heights with Head Hawk!

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