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TW Playtester (The Wolfeman) Pick of the Week – Wilson Optimus Tennis String

Posted on February 20, 2014 in Strings


It’s not every day that a string comes along with the comfort of Tecnifibre NRG2, Babolat Xcel and Wilson NXT. Optimus, a new multifilament from Wilson, is just such a string. Constructed with an army of shock absorbing filaments, we think it will lighten the load on your tendons as well as any multi on the market.

But that’s not the whole story. Unlike some multifilaments that are mushy and come with an unruly “trampoline effect”, we found that Optimus, when tensioned correctly, had a wonderful crispness along with above average control for the breed. This somewhat unique response is partly due to a thermoset co-polymer membrane, which firms up the filaments in the core and slightly tempers this string’s elasticity. Granted, advanced big hitters and string breakers will likely not find enough durability and “snapback” with Optimus (in a full bed), but we think this unique multifilament is a strong option for the non-poly player who wants a great blend of comfort and controllable power.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Construction: Nylon filaments sheathed in a co-polymer membrane

  • Gauges: 16

  • Color(s): White/Silver

  • Available in: sets

  • Feel: Comfortable, crisp

  • Recommended to the non-poly player who places a premium on comfort, but does not want to trade away an excessive amount of control. Advanced poly players can definitely hybrid this one.

  • Downside: string movement is fairly high – prepare to straighten. Not recommended to full bed poly players.

Playtester Comments

“I found this string to be very comfortable, liked the crisper feel when strung at a high tension, and the decent amount of control.”

“I would say this string offers controllable power. It is soft and pockets the ball well, but it doesn’t launch the ball with massive power like some multifilaments.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by how much spin I could get on the ball with this string. It offered solid grab and I was hitting a good level of both topspin and slice with it. For a multi, I’d say it is very spin-friendly.”

“I had enough control to take full fast swings at the ball and have them land deep in the court, on target.”


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