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Summer style for your tennis racquet with Gamma TNT2!

Posted on June 5, 2014 in Strings

Gamma TNT2


Add some color to your tennis game this summer with these Tennis Warehouse exclusive colors of Gamma TNT2!  With its excellent combination of power, control, spin and feel, it’s no surprise that TNT2 is one of the most popular and best playing strings around.  Recreational weekend warriors to tournament competitors will appreciate TNT2’s playability and feel.  (Bonus: Available in both 16 GAUGE and 17 GAUGE, both under $10!)

In addition to this great string, you’ll also receive one FREE OVERGRIP in each package! You’ll get a Gamma Supreme Overgrip that’s ideal for managing your sweat in the summer heat with its excellent tack and absorbency. The grip color will also match your new set of string, which will help make you one of the most stylish players on the court.

Brighten up the look of your tennis racquet for the summer season with this colorful package from Gamma. Get a pack before the sun sets on this exciting deal!


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