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When the clothes talk… Athletic DNA at TW

Posted on April 12, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Now that I’m out of college I decided I need to broaden my horizons from a yellow and green wardrobe and to explore beyond Nike. I will admit, I adore Nike, but every so often different brands bring out apparel that catches my eye. This is where my problem lies. The way our office is set up makes my life difficult. If I want to get a drink, or if I’m filming, I have to walk out the door to the left, and the door to the left is surrounded by the clothing racks that are filled with all the new clothes that are about to be sold to you guys. And, as it is with Tennis Warehouse and the brands we carry, there are always cool clothes there. I’ll let you in on a secret that I haven’t told anyone before now, but the clothes, they actually talk to me. Strange, I know, but they say things like, “Buy me, buy meeeee!”

The brand talking the loudest this week is Athletic DNA. This week, in fact, we came out with Athletic DNA’s new apparel line, and I absolutely love the colors — there’s definitely something for women looking to add a little pop of color to their normal get up. Personally, I am looking forward to the approaching California summer and some humid hitting sessions on our indoor court, so I am particularly liking on the Athletic DNA Women’s Spring Graphic Sports Tank.

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

This our average tank in all the ways you want, but not your average tank in other ways. It’s your typical racer back with a scoop neck, but the design is very unique. Something I like a lot about it is that it runs long so there’s no worry about your tummy poking out when you don’t want it to. The colorways are fun and eye catching, and the print “Born For This” on the front of the tank stands out. Normally I’m not about graphic tees with anything written on them, but I am taken with these. Something about the color combinations and the graphics that look really sharp. The feature of the Athletic DNA symbol on the front is very cool — it’s in a foil print so is metallic and stands out with a little bit of shine. Check out the options online, there are five and all of them really cool — some of the tanks have the logo print with a color fade which I particularly like.

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

It’s 100% cotton so it’s really comfy and easy to just slip on. Jump out on court or into the gym, or wear it off-court, out and about. I like the versatility of this Athletic DNA tank because it translates from sporty workout gear into attractive and functional apparel that you can wear anywhere.  For Tiffani’s vlog this week, this tank was paired with the Spring Graphic Short and worn by yours truly, making for a super cute outfit.

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

Athletic DNA Women's Spring Graphic Sport Tank

The Athletic DNA doesn’t stop there, guys. There’s also a lot of options for you so check out the men’s line and see what’s up. There are also all the adult version in kids sizes for girls and boys, too so all those short people running around your house that call you Mom and Dad can get in on the ADNA action. Ladies, definitely take a peak at the Pullover Hoodie and the Ace Jacket for some fun colors. They talk to me too actually and, funnily enough, they say, “Buy me next!”


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