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Treat yourself to a warm winter with the Nike Women’s Basic Pro Capri II

Posted on January 30, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

I hate being cold. It’s probably the one thing 100% guaranteed to make me play badly or put me in a bad mood. To combat this, I obviously have to put on more clothes but that brings with it another variety of problems. It’s sometimes hard to find truly functional winter tennis gear because of how we move — playing in bulky gear like track pants, sweats or sweatshirts often doesn’t cut it. I normally choose to wear long sleeves, but I just feel restricted, and the sleeves get in the way of holding onto my grip.  There’s a fine line between beating the cold and getting too hot, uncomfortable and sweaty. It’s an uphill battle!

There’s definitely plenty of apparel out there that is great for playing in, feeling comfortable, keeping warm or wicking away sweat, etc. but I have one in particular that caught my eye. Ladies, this one is for you! The Nike Women’s Spring Pro Capri II is the answer to our temperature problems. Firstly, I need to note that I love the color! The turquoise is vibrant and unique, and will look sharp with a black or white shirt. For lesser impact there is a black capri (definitely the staple color of my wardrobe) that serves the same purpose, and the bonus? Aside from looking awesome, you will stay warm.

Nike Women's Spring Pro Capri II - Front

There are many options for wearing the Nike Spring Pro Capris. They can be worn alone, beneath a skort or skirt, or my personal favorite when it’s extra cold, underneath some comfy sweats for that little kick of warmth. Take the sweats off and you’re looking smart without losing the warmth that you would in shorts. The capris keep my legs warm and in turn keep my entire body temperature that much higher — without any restrictions on movement. I don’t get into that uncomfortable, too cold (can’t hold the racquet because I feel like my fingers are going to snap off), too hot (sweating uncomfortably under my sweatshirt) cycle that I know too well. They come to about mid-calf length, which not only looks great, but also functions to keep me cooler than sweatpants and warmer than shorts. It’s really about finding that perfect medium, and these Nike capris help with it perfectly.

Nike Women's Spring Pro Capri II - Back

They’re made of polyester with a mix of spandex, so they’re stretchy and fitting. They feature a Nike Pro elastic waistband and customary Nike Swoosh that once again represents a product that steps up to the mark. They’re tight enough to fit a ball under the waistband, stretchy enough to wear comfortably and bright enough to get everyone jealous. Wear them on the court, in the gym, out on a run or on the track doing sprints. Versatile and functional? I think, yes. Vamp up your winter wardrobe with these capris and be the talk of the court with the added treat of staying 100% warm.




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