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Throwing a tennis-Oscar party, 6 easy ideas!

Posted on February 28, 2014 in Shoes and Apparel

It’s Oscar time! The Academy Awards show doesn’t start until 7 p.m ET/4 p.m PT on Sunday, so that leaves plenty of time to get some tennis in beforehand. But because this isn’t just any Sunday — I mean, it is Oscar Sunday — we can have a little extra fun. My idea? Make it tennis Oscar brunch party.

I am no party planner, but I do love a get-together. Add in tennis and a theme? You had me at Champagne brunch. Here are six easy ideas for an informal tennis-Oscar brunch.

1. Gather your tennis playing friends
We’re running short on time, so an easy solution is an evite. There are lots of free options, and a quick check online shows plenty with the Oscar theme and some with a tennis theme, too. If you’re on a team, another option is to pick up the roster list and make a few calls.

2. Pick your dress
This is a tennis Oscar party after all, and half (if not more) of the Oscar fun is the fashion. So now is the time to roll out your tennis best. I got my fellow playtester ladies to join me in the festivities, so we shared our fashion choices. This is not a necessary step, but it could help avoid the dreaded “she’s wearing the same dress as I am” disaster.

Tennis meet Oscar


Karly’s pick, upper left, is the Tonic Cadence Dress in black. She, by the way, is just enthusiastic as I am about a tennis Oscar party: “An excuse to get dressed up? Oh, I’ll happily take it! Good thing Tonic’s latest collection has just the perfect dress for a special occasion. I’m in love with the look and flattering fit of the Spring Cadence Dress. The subtle scoop neck and back, along with the flare at the waist, makes any girl feel her prettiest. However, the real standout feature is the mesh lacing at the neck and upper back. It’s the perfect touch for a fashionable outfit! And not only is it at the top of its class in style, its fabric is moisture-wicking and it offers 50+ UV protection. Functional and stylish? This dress is too good to be true!”

I went with the white Lija Endurance Box Pleat Dress. First, white is a traditional tennis color but an unexpected choice for Oscar glory! Second, Lija is one of my favorites for fit and feel. Add in the style, and I will feel like a winner no matter the scoreline.

Michelle wanted to inject some color into our shindig with the Vickie Brown Love Leigh Dress. Her thoughts: “Every lady needs a color they feel confident in, red is that color for me! This sassy dress is exactly what I want to wear to the courts to make some heads turn and intimidate my opponents. I love the scoop neck and cut of this dress with the stitching details of a sunburst. I like to make a statement on the court and this dress helps me feel confident in my game while pounding forehands against my opponent with a smile on my face! Perfectly paired with a fun pony tail, this dress makes me feel invincible! Oh, and did I mention, Vickie Brown is a new brand hitting the tennis scene, so I don’t have to be too worried about anyone else trying to steal my look!”

Brittany and I are on the same style wavelength, and she also chose a Lija dress, the Score Empire Waist Dress. “The navy colorway of this dress is perfect for the red carpet or court! I love the stylish details this dress offers from the super soft fabric to the layered ruffles on the hem. The empire waist makes this dress extremely figure flattering and perfect for all the pictures that will be taken of you when you win the best actress award or doubles championship.”

3. Play some tennis
Doubles, singles, two out of three, pro sets, ad or no ad…. The tennis format is all up to you. Just remember to have fun!

4. After-match food & drink
After some good tennis, everyone will want a little something to eat and drink. You can make this a potluck to make life easier. For a couple of quick ideas, I did a quick search, starting with our Pinterst profile. After a quick scan our Pinterest board, DIY – Tennis Style, I found some tennis-themed desserts (because every party needs desserts!).

For the cupcakes, bake as usual, frost with some yellow frosting and pipe on some white icing. Done!

These macaroons are nice and fancy, perfect for a tennis Oscar party. I love to bake but have never made French macaroons, but if someone out there wants to give some me some tips on that, I would love that! For these, I would just seek out some yellow cookies from a favorite bakery and add some white icing to make them look like the ones on the Martha Stewart site pictured above.

For Oscar-themed food, why not make a fruit salad and use a star cookie cutter to shape the fruit? After all, this is a star-studded event!

For drink, it’s Champagne cocktails — a brunch just isn’t a brunch without them. So how about mimosas and Midori mimosas — a little green for a nod to tennis. A Pimm’s Cup also covers the tennis portion with its Wimbledon roots. For non-alcoholic options, there’s always any sports drink in lemon/lime to match the tennis ball or a refreshing limeade.

5. Decor
Since most of us don’t have tennis courts in our backyards, this is likely going to be at your club or neighborhood courts. In that case, keep it simple. Make a centerpiece from a large vase filled with tennis balls — done! If you have plenty of time, I found a beautiful spread on A Subtle Revelry.

6. And the Oscar goes to …
It’s award time! Come up with some fun categories and have each of your friends win one. This is a great way to give out the party favor bags (Sugarpova Gum Balls, anyone?). Be as serious or silly as you want with these, whether it’s for Best Serve or Best Fist Pump, everyone is a winner!

If you have a bash, please share your Instagram photos with us! Just remember to tag us!

Happy Hiting!
Tiffani, TW


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