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Tennis in the Sun

Posted on March 7, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

I’ve tried to play outside twice in the last couple weeks. How did it go, you ask? Fail. The supernova, I mean, the sun was SO bright I literally. Couldn’t. See. Anything. Serving into the sun resulted in my eyes reacting to the excessive light by watering intensively. I looked like I was crying the entire time I was on court. Not a good look. Nothing like some fully fledged sun-gazing from which there is no reprieve. The points were a series of flailing swings cleverly combined with approximated guesses as to where I thought the ball was in front of me. I’d really like to say that I am exaggerating this experience, but I think I have sunburned retinas.

I’ve spent the last six years of my life predominantly playing indoors, so the use of hats has been reasonably redundant. Now, having relocated to (extremely) sunny California, and with the nice reminder around the office of outdoor tennis at the BNP, the opportunity arises. I thought it would be nice to acknowledge the sunshine and give you all a good way to keep the sun out of our eyes. Nike, step forth. The Nike Men’s Spring Advantage Feather Light Hat and the Nike Women’s Spring Feather Light Hat are perfect.

Nike Men's Spring Advantage Feather Light Hat

Nike Men's Spring Advantage Feather Light Hat

These hats function not only to keep the sun off your face, the sweat out of your eyes, and but also, ladies, to keep your hair out of the way. Multipurpose! When the sun’s glaring down it’s nice to give our eyes a little break with some much needed shade and glare protection from the black underbill of these Nike hats. They’re shaped really well to fit your head and have a quick-adjust closure at the back so they’re easy to tighten or loosen in the middle of a match.

Nike Women's Spring Feather Light Hat

Nike Women's Spring Feather Light Hat

Feather Light is the way to go with the Dri-Fit terry sweatband to wick away sweat and mesh insets to let little breezes keep your head as cool as possible. Both the men’s and women’s versions of these Feather Light hats keep even the hottest head cool. They’re super light and completely functional while looking really awesome, too. The Feather Light Series has different colors of the same hat being, so it’s perfect for those looking to match an outfit, make a statement or stay traditional in white or black. ¬†There are also Feather Light Visors for both the ladies¬†and the guys, so options for everyone.

Get outside and enjoy some tennis in the sun.




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