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Skirt + Capri = Skapri!

Posted on August 30, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel

Skirt + Capri = The Skapri

First came the skort, a happy marriage between a short and skirt. Now there is the skapri, and yes, you guessed it, this is a combination of a skirt and capri. The skapri is getting more and more popular especially now that we are getting close to cooler weather. Here at Tennis Warehouse, we are starting to see the skapri popping up from several different brands.

Nike, Asics, and Fila all came out with a black on black approach for fall in their versions of the skapri. The Nike Basic Skapri features open side pockets for easy ball storage and a zippered back pocket.

Fila also stayed true to their classic style with the Essenza Skort Capri that will complement any top. It also has ball pockets on each leg of the built-in capri.

Asics added a small pop of color to the Fall Court Skapri with contrast drawcords at the skirt sides for an adjustable fit as well as a contrast logo at the left hem. Asics also added ball pockets on the sides for holding tennis balls.

Lastly, Lucky in Love decided to go all out with color and pattern. The Fiji Skort Capri features a vibrant aqua skort and the built-in capri feature a colorful animal print that will have you looking fierce out on the court.

So, what will you be rocking on court when the weather gets a little chillier?

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