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New year, new things: Nike tennis updates apparel fit for 2013

Posted on January 30, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel

Well, what do you know. It’s already that time again to say, “Goodbye old year and hellooo New Year!” As we welcome 2013, we also welcome all the new products it has to offer. Nike is already off to a great start in the apparel department¬†with its recently released Nike Tennis 2013 Spring Collection. Not only are there great new colors and styles, but Nike also made some changes to the fit on a few women’s pieces.

The most notable difference being that Nike is now offering different lengths for a couple of skirts and pants. Yep, you read that right. Now you’ve got the power! The power to choose from either “regular” or “long” or “short” and pick which length suits you the best. One example is the Straight Knit Skort. Do you like longer or shorter? It’s up to you. Below are some more items you can choose that perfect length for you:

The next noteworthy change to the women’s Nike line is the new Tennis Tee.

Nike Women's Spring Tennis Tee (Latest Version)

Nike Women’s Spring Tennis Tee (Latest Version)

Nike Women's Autumn Tennis Blockbuster Tee

Nike Women’s Autumn Tennis Blockbuster Tee (Previous Version)










The designers behind the new Nike Tennis Tee had comfort in mind when coming up with it because this tee just got a little more relaxed. It fits looser around both the shoulders and torso so you can feel more at ease when practicing in it. Stay loose and composed while you rip those groundstrokes of yours, because that’ll be the only thing that’ll be ripping since it’s not as tight and constricting! Though the change is most dramatic with this cool practice tee, all of the tops in the Nike collection are more forgiving. Though the fit is what we would describe as “fitted” (hugs the body), it isn’t as tight and is more forgiving for those of who don’t have super model figures.

I couldn’t be happier with the next change I’m about to introduce to you. One of my favorite tanks, the classic Nike Strappy Tank, received an update as well.

Nike Women's Strappy Tank

Nike Women’s Strappy Tank

With the sleek straps, along with all the different colors to choose from, what’s not to love about it? And now I’m falling into a deeper love with the latest version of the Strappy Tank. The fun tank just got more supportive straps and extra padding in the bra for more support. I just can’t wait to see what future colors are in store for this top!

Last but not least, we have the Nike Perfect Match Short. The waistband on this compression short is seamless and bonded, so the waistband feels thinner yet it also has that same elasticity to it. With this new short, you won’t have to worry about lines showing through underneath your dress or skirt! No wonder it has the word “perfect” in its name.

Nike Women's Grand Perfect Match Short

Nike Women’s Grand Perfect Match Short

That about wraps it up for the latest women’s Nike apparel update! Be sure to check back in the future to see what else 2013 has to offer…



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