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New Balance Psyche Sports Bra line

Posted on March 20, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel

OK, ladies, I have had a chance to check out the newest sports bras that we are carrying here at Tennis Warehouse from the New Balance Pysche line, and I’m excited to let you know about the new technology New Balance is using. New Balance says, “With approximately 7 billion breasts in the world, it’s no wonder 70% of women don’t know what their bra size is.” To which I say, yes, they do get it! And it shows in this Pysche line, New Balance is making sports bras to celebrate athletic women of all shapes and sizes!  All of the bras in this line have been designed to have the lightest feel and the strongest support with a custom-like fit while focusing on sweat management, convenience and comfort.

New Balance Sports Bras
New Balance Sports Bras by tennis-warehouse on Polyvore

New Balance has combatted the issues that women seem to struggle with when finding the correct bra to accompany them on the court or in the gym. This line has been designed to have the lightest feel and the strongest support while giving every woman a custom-like fit.

The bras that we are carrying at Tennis Warehouse all offer customized high support made specifically for cup sizes A-D. The traits that run through this new line of sports bras include comfort, convenience, custom fit and sweat management — all while focusing on the types of motion that these bras control: vertical (defying gravity’s ups and downs), lateral (limiting shake with each stride), individual (giving you options to cup, compress or do both) and adjustable (including extra personalization for movement reduction). With this extra attention and focus on encapsulation (yes, that means no more uni-boob, New Balance has incorporated the technology to have two separate cups in this line of bras, offering more shape for women) and compression (aka support!), these bras are a game changer to female athletes everywhere. This Psyche line features sports bras to fit all “personalities” and here at TW we have chosen to carry bras that will best fit you on the court!

NBWGGII-BL-1Made for the bustier female athlete, New Balance introduces the Seamless Genius II, which was made with the C and D cup ladies in mind. This bra has 4-way motion control that offers maximum support in all areas (vertical, lateral, individual and adjustable). This Seamless Genius II  is complete with a double layer of seamless knitted fabric, restricted stretch internal panels that offer support, knit-in cups for shaping, convertible back straps for custom fit and adjustability with the back closure for a custom fit and easy on and off. This bra offers maximum support for medium impact activities.

The Seamless Genius I is similar to the Seamless Genius II but was made with for the ladiesNBWGGI-BK-1 in the A and B cup range. It offers high support as well as 3-way motion control (vertical, lateral and individual). This bra features racerback straps with a double layer of seamless knitted fabric, engineered knit power panels, restricted stretch internal panels and knit-in cups that offer support and shape.

Finally a brand has listened to the needs of female athletes and has taken the time to create several different options for women instead of streamlining women of all shapes and sizes to fit into one style sports bra!

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