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Mixed Up Doubles Outfits

Posted on July 19, 2011 in Shoes and Apparel

“To match, or not to match, that is the question.”

So while this may not be William Shakespeare’s exact quote, it is a dilemma many mixed doubles teams face when it comes to their tennis apparel.

And personally, I am all for matching at some level in mixed doubles.  This “matching” can range from complete synchronization of outfits to wearing similar colors to show team spirit.

The first level of mixed doubles apparel is the complete coordination of your outfits by wearing the same color top as well as the same color bottom. For this example, the Nike Women’s Fall Smash Strappy Tank in Treasure Blue and Nike Fall Set Point Skort in Black goes flawlessly together with the Nike Men’s Fall RF Trophy Court Crew in Treasure Blue and Nike Fall Challenger Woven Short in Black.

Matchy-Matchy Outfit

Too much matching for your taste? Try the opposite approach. Have the same color combo but reverse the colors on each teammate. The woman can sport the Fila ’11 Essenza Sleveless Polo in Black with Fila ’11 Essenza Ruffle Skort in White, while the man can wear the Fila Summer Collezoine Sleeve Stripe Polo in White with the Fila Spring Baseline Short in Black on the bottom.

Opposite Colors Outfit

So if you still want to show your team unity but not completely match, check out this combo of men’s and women’s apparel that has similar colors but doesn’t overly match. The Nike Fall Set Point Tank in Blue Glow on top and the Nike Fall Smash Pleated Skort in Obsidian Navy for the women pairs with the Nike Fall Showdown Frequency Print Crew in White and Nike Fall Showdown Woven Short in Obsidian Navy for the men.

Similar Colors Outfit

Another twist on a mixed doubles outfit would be incorporating a dress. The Yonex 2011 Paris Dress for the ladies makes a statement with the Yonex 2011 Paris Polo and Slam Short for the gentlemen.

Matching Outfit with Dress Combo

This last outfit has similar colors and patterns but doesn’t seem overly coordinated. For her, the Nike Fall Border Strappy Tank in High Voltage and Nike Fall Print Border Skort in Black looks lovely. While for him, the Nike Showdown Camo T-Shirt in Black with the Nike Basic NET 9” Woven Short in Black is the perfect match.

Similar Colors and Patterns Outfit

So what do you think of matching mixed doubles outfits?

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PS- Special thanks to Kana and Jason for being my awesome models!


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