New Balance Spring Big Brand Tennis Tank & Tee: Light, Soft and Comfortable

New Balance Women's Spring Big Brand Tank

New Balance Women’s Spring Big Brand Tank

I know, I know. Why would I pick a tank top as my Playtester Pick of the Week? What could be so special about a t-shirt? Well my friend, this isn’t just an ordinary tank top. No siree!

For starters, it’s a polyester shirt, so it’s super lightweight and wicks away moisture extremely well. Perfect for exercising in. Don’t just wear on the tennis court, take it to the gym to workout in too!

Though what makes this polyester top different is that it feels soft like a cotton top — it’s functional and comfortable. I should also mention that when I say comfortable, I’m not just talking about the softness of the material either. How it fits will have you feeling relaxed as ever. The shirt is long and loose at the waist, so no matter what your body type is, it’ll have a flattering fit.

The men's version of the New Balance Big Brand Top

The men’s version of the New Balance Big Brand Top


And not to worry guys, don’t think I didn’t forget about you either! There’s also a men’s version of this shirt too. It’s not a tank top, but it’s made out of the same material so you can experience that functional and comfortable feel as well.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your next favorite workout tee for less than $20 and experience first hand what I’m talking about!



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