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K-Swiss Tennis — American Heritage Brand Modernizes

Posted on December 8, 2014 in Shoes and Apparel

Tennis players and non-tennis players alike will likely recognize the classic court shoes KSwiss has produced since the ’60s. Founded in Los Angeles in 1966 by two brothers living the American dream, KSwiss came about from the inspiration of leather ski boots to create the first all-leather tennis shoe. Since, the 5 stripes and leather comfort have become the signature trait for the brand. Evolving over the years, KSwiss continues to produce some of the most comfortable shoes on the market while still competing to be produce the highest quality performance tennis shoe.


KSwiss — an All-American Heritage Tennis Brand


the KSWISS shoe vault including shoes worn by the Woodies at the 2000 French Open

KSwiss maintains its reputation based on quality products loved by tennis players around the world. And it doesn’t hurt that two of the best doubles teams in the history of our sport have spent their tenure playing under the KSwiss brand. Between the Woodies and the Bryan Brothers, KSwiss has provided shoes for more than a handful of Grand Slam titles. With the Bryan Brothers winning their 100th title this year, who better than to represent this American Heritage Tennis brand?! This California court brand isn’t stopping there and promises to continue to provide us tennis players with high performing shoes.

Taking a look to the future, exciting things are coming for KSwiss. This year, they launched their quick and plush Ultra Express, which was named Tennis Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for Best Lightweight shoe in 2014, a category shared with shoes like the Nike Vapor, Asics Gel Solution Speed and adidas Tempaia/Feather. We love the Ultra Express for how quick, yet plush it is — combining lightweight and support, we have come to love this offering on and off the court! So it seems like KSwiss is on the right track with its new technology! KSwiss is injecting the brand with some enthusiasm, and 2015 looks to be a fun year for this classic brand. While updating some of its classic shoes, KSwiss will also be building on the current success of the Ultra Express, and you can expect to see more bright, high-performing shoes out of KSwiss.

KSwiss understands today’s tennis player is not just someone who solely plays tennis. They train — on court, off court, in the gym, in boxes, on asphalt, on sand and everywhere in between. Which is why they are introducing a training shoe that focuses on the player who works hard on, but also off the court to be the best player they can be. This new shoe will offer the stability tennis players need for their off-court training. A tennis trainer that is all about performance, comfort and style, this shoe is ideal for the modern tennis player who looks to jump in the gym after their hit.kswissblogpic2 Players who also spends hours in the gym or on the track working on their fitness, agility and strength and will be excited to try this new crossover shoe.

In 2015, the Bryan Brother’s shoe of choice, the Big Shot, gets a make over with color, print and technology to make it perform even better. It has been developed to last and be one of the highest performing shoes on the market. After extensive testing with Dr. Elliot, founder and director of P3 — a trained physician specializing in performance enhancement and the development of elite athletes (including tennis players and other lateral moving athletes). The update of this shoe will particularly shine when it comes to moving laterally. It will be lower to the ground with a tighter forefoot and a lower heel drop, which will make players feel even more connected to the court and provide them with complete confidence when moving aggressively.

As KSwiss continues to build its brand and continue the legacy of American Heritage Tennis, they are leaving certain offerings behind but still giving consumers options. Fans of the Ultrascendor will have to find something new or stock up on their favorite as this classic, comfortable shoe will be discontinued. However, the Hypercourt will continue as one of their performance shoes that is the modernization of the classic. It will be a wider, more traditional fitting shoe for those players looking for complete comfort over all the other bells and whistles.

It looks as though KSwiss is moving forward in the right direction and I’m excited to see what new things this American brand continues to unveil in the future!

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