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Inside TW: The Perfect Practice Tee – Ladies Choice

Posted on May 11, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Like I said in my other blog, sometimes I reap the benefits of being around these lovely people and forget that you all don’t get to chat, annoy, pester, tell jokes to and discuss worldly topics with my colleagues like I do. I decided that, in no particular topic or order, I would involve them in the blogs a little more. We heard from the men, so here is a little about the ladies in the office. The girls, or women, here are quick to lend a helping hand, are brilliant cooks (we always bring in potlucks for birthdays and those are my favorite days), clever writers, great players and generally pretty hilarious.

Victoria Azarenka hitting in a cute tee -- even the pros have their favorite training t-shirts.

T-shirts. Aha… These days we are inundated with so many tanks, cap sleeves, Dri-fit, designed, slim-fitted match tops that sometimes we get so sidetracked by the flash and flair that we forget about the basics. I love a cool match outfit, but no one can deny that nothing really beats throwing on your favorite tee and getting out on court. Whatever it’s made of, it’s usually pretty plain, extremely comfy and very well-worn — it’s your favorite training tee and it sees a lot of court time. When I asked the ladies to tell me their favorite tee right now, they were all about it because, like me, sometimes the right tee just hits the spot.

Tiffani picked the adidas Women’s Crosses Trefoil Tee, making it obvious for us, saying, “Love, love, love the retro adidas trefoil logo, so when you pair that with a tennis theme, it’s a no brainer.” Duh! OK, Tiff, aside from loving the design (which has a cool design of tennis racquets inside Trefoil) what else is working for it? She said, “I like the longer length of this top because it helps cover the midsection with the low rise shorts and skirts.” Valid point. Nothing like lifting your arms up to serve and getting distracted because you know your stomach is showing.

adidas Women's Crosses Trefoil Tee

adidas Women's Crosses Trefoil Tee

This tee is made of cotton, so it’s super light and comfy. It has a crew neck, and it’s really easy to move in — it doesn’t restrict any swinging motion. This adidas tee is sold in white, with the trefoil design in pink and yellow. It’s got a retro look to it, making it that much cooler because you can wear it casually and on court. Tiffani’s advice on sizing? She said, “For this one, I personally would go up a size because I like my tees a little on the looser side and this one has quite a slim fit.”

Karly is a tank top girl, (“If you take a peek into my closet, 92 percent of the clothes hanging up are tank tops. I guess my arms like taking full-swings at life without being caged inside some sleeves. Plus, I’m not one who can pull off the ever-so-popular farmer’s tan.”). And for a California girl I don’t blame her (in Oregon we needed all the extra warmth we could get!), but I got her to tell me her favorite training tee.

Tank lovers like Karly, listen up. She said, “I’d have to say that my favorite t-shirt is the adidas Women’s Spring barricade Logo Tee. I might be cheating with this top since the sleeves are pretty short, but I also love the loose, relaxed fit of the shirt. I don’t feel constrained in this top and can move as freely as I want, like my favorite attributes of a tank top.”

adidas Women's Spring barricade Logo Tee in Black

adidas Women's Spring barricade Logo Tee in Black

The best thing about this tee (like Tiff’s favorite) is that it’s great casual as well as perfect for training in. The scoop neck and cap sleeves are really comfy, and like Karly said, easy to move in. It’s made of mostly cotton so it’s soft and the relaxed fit makes it easy to throw on and off. The adidas logo is screen printed on the front, and it also says tennis on it so people know exactly what sport you’re all about. It comes in black, red and white, and all the color combinations look sharp.

Karly said, “If there’s one thing that I learned while growing up in San Diego, it’s that I should always keep it classy like the great Ron Burgendy. So I like showing off the classic adidas logo, while representing the greatest sport ever with “Tennis” printed underneath.” Amen to that!

When I talked to Brittany about her favorite shirt and I hit myself in my head when she told me, because I already knew. “Nike Women’s Team Legend Top is my favorite workout shirt.”

This tee is lightweight and soft, and so easy to just toss on and off for practice. It is made of Dri-Fit and is a really relaxed fit, particularly around the torso. Brittany wore it in her size and it was baggy (how she likes it), but more so than other tees, this one can be ordered in a size down for a semi-fitted look around the shoulders and chest (I tried on my normal size and I wouldn’t probably drop a size down). It has a ribbed crew neck, a heat transfer Swoosh and the torso is long so it covers everything just how we like it!

Nike Women's Team Legend Top in Black

Nike Women's Team Legend Top in Black

This girl loves this tee. I made her explain. “Reasons why I like it?  It is a loose comfy fit perfect for a hitting session or working out in the gym. Another reason is it is available in 11 colors! I can match it to any outfit. My favorite colors are the cardinal heather and purple heather.” As for sizing, she agreed with me saying, “I found this top to run slightly big and long (which I really like since I have a long torso!). Lastly, the fabric is soft and light feeling so I don’t feel like I am wearing a heavy cotton shirt.” Need anymore reasons to like this training tee?

There are so many boss brands right now, and with my favorite tee I want to make a small statement. I like women’s t-shirts, they fit well, and have really cool designs — but there is something about the baggy and comfortable fit of a guy’s tee. So my favorite tee right now? The Puma Men’s Summer Performance Graphic T-Shirt. You can toss it on, it’s comfy, it looks cool, it’s not too tight and it looks bomb with a pair of shorts or spandex. Sometimes I just get a little tired of the slim fitting shirts that show off your body, and I just want something I can throw on without having to worry about how I look.

Puma Men's Summer Performance Graphic T-Shirt in Black w/ Blue & White

Puma Men's Summer Performance Graphic T-Shirt in Black w/ Blue & White

It’s made of polyester and cotton so it feels nice on your skin and functions as a high performance tee. It has a ribbed crew neck, just like the girls shirts and is obviously going to be a bit bigger than our normal sizing so toss on your boyfriends or your dad’s tee for a quick size up and see what fits. The screen print logo on the front is cool, it has the little Puma cat on the left sleeve and it comes in two colors, black and blue. Ladies, own the boys tees (we look just as good as they do in them anyway!).

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed seeing what the ladies around the office are rocking right now (make sure you click on the links to see all the color options). Enjoy training and give your favorite tees some court time.



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