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Get that weight off your shoulders

Posted on May 24, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Stress. Just looking at that word makes me panic. I do everything in my power to avoid it. Though unfortunately there are times when it gets the best of me and even some of my favorite things can’t cheer me up. It’s code red when I don’t have the slightest interest in watching a Gasquet match. When that happens, I’ve got to find someway to get out of my stress funk, and I’ve got to do it fast. So to fight it, I turn to my greatest weapon: exercise. The almighty endorphin-booster. Ask me for a long, grueling hitting session? Count me in. A rigorous run in the heat? Yes. A four-hour spin class? Sure, why not. I’ll sign up for anything to get that weight off my shoulders. Literally. Which means I also look to wear the most lightweight outfit I can find when working out, and recently it’s mesh.

adidas Women’s Summer Varsity Tank

The full-body mesh adidas Women’s Summer Varsity Tank will help lessen the load. It’s so lightweight that if you were to put it on a scale, I wouldn’t be surprised if the weight showed up in the negative digits. And whether you decide to go with the dark color option of black with ultra pop or super pink with a twist of prime green, the open armholes allow you to take full swings at stress.

Nike Women's Summer Modern Sport Mesh Tank

Or when a nasty heat wave strikes and wearing a bathing suit to workout in isn’t an option, the Nike Women’s Summer Modern Mesh Tank will make you forget you’re even wearing anything. We offer it in a blue that’ll be sure to help calm the nerves.

adidas Men's Summer Clima Speed Crew

Guys, there are a few different options to help you feel lighter than ever too. For the days when you think you’ve walked into an oven, when in reality it’s just outside, there’s the adidas Men’s Summer Clima Speed Crew. The entire top is made of mesh, making it feel as if you could float away. It comes in three different colors: dark grey, bright yellow and green that’s worthy of a risk-taker.

Though if that crew isn’t light enough, give the adidas Men’s Summer Clima Speed Sleeveless Top a try. It’s the same material and style as the Clima Speed Crew; the only difference is that it doesn’t come with sleeves, freeing your arms from the stresses of constricting fabric.

adidas Men's Summer Clima Speed Sleeveless Top

So when you have a hard time wanting to watch your favorite tennis player compete too, suit up in one of these tops and join me in the fight against stress!



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