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Double Trouble

Posted on October 26, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Siobhan and Brittany preparing for a friendly game of doubles

I fell in love with doubles during my sophomore year in college. Being on the tennis team, during matches we always would wear the exact same outfit.  Yes, it was fun to have someone on the court supporting you in a matching outfit and yes, I have done it since then (Check out the picture above of Siobhan and I in our intimidating getup).  However, sometimes I don’t always want to be that matchy-matchy with my doubles partner.  I have come up with some tennis outfits to sport out on the court without my partner and I having to look like identical twins (except for one).

Nike Women's Maria Back Court Tank and Skort

The first outfit will be for all the doubles teams out there that like to match.  I picked out this outfit as it doesn’t fit the “I am wearing a team uniform” look.  The Nike Women’s Winter Maria Back Court Tank is sporty and modern especially when paired with the fitted Nike Women’s Winter Maria Back Court Skort.

adidas Women's Autumn adipower Barricade Tank, Top, and Skort

Now, I start to mix it up.  Every woman has a certain style that flatters their figure.  In this pairing, I have the same colors but different style tops.  The adidas Women’s Autumn adipower Barricade Tank and the adidas Women’s Autumn adipower Barricade Top match perfectly together when coupled with the adidas Women’s Autumn adipower Barricade Skort.  The top is more conservative fitting while the tank has a fun tankini-inspired back, but both tops tie together the complete look with the fitted band at the bustline.

Lija Women's Virtual Fuse Impact Tank and Virtual Fuse Distract Skort

Another option is to go contrasting colors.  I absolutely love the unqiue colors Lija offers especially iris.  Take the Lija Women’s Virtual Fuse Impact Tank and the Lija Women’s Virtual Fuse Distract Skort, choose opposite colors, and voila! you got a very fashionable doubles outfit.  And it doesn’t hurt that Lija’s fabrics are super soft and the cuts are very flattering.

Eliza Audley Women's Smash Hit Dress

So, I next picked out the same dress but different colors.  The Eliza Audley Women’s Smash Hit Dress is available in both black and white and is the perfect dress for a league or tournament match.  The multicolored mesh leafs on both colorways tie the two dresses together for a cohesive doubles outfit.

EleVen Women's Fall Geo Love Dress, Classic Geo Love Tank, and Classic Flutter Skort

Lastly, some tennis players really love dresses and some really love the tank/skort combo.  Let’s get real, tennis players have all different body types so why not pick the style that doubles partners are each comfortable in? So I picked out two outfits that have a matching pattern and color which creates a fun twist on the traditional doubles uniform.  EleVen has some great colors and patterns to mix and match with.  Throw a taller player into the EleVen Women’s Fall Geo Love Dress and the shorter player in the EleVen Women’s Classic Geo Love Tank  and EleVen Women’s Classic Flutter Skort for a super fashionable doubles matchup.

Hopefully, this will give all you doubles players out there some fresh and new ideas for doubles outfits for your upcoming seasons or tournaments.

Ad Out,


PS- I would like to thank my partner in crime Siobhan for being a very lovely model.


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