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Best bargains: Babolat V-Pro Junior Tennis Shoes

Posted on July 30, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel

Babolat V-Pro Junior Tennis Shoe


I’m always on the lookout for a good bargain, and I think I’ve found a pretty good one: the Babolat V-Pro Junior for $29.95. It’s available in several colors: Black, Black/Red, White/Black/Red and White/Blue.

The shoe originally cost $49.95, and the updated V-Pro 2 comes in at $54.95. At $29.95, the original V-Pro is a great buy. Let’s break down some of the reasons why.

  • It’s durable. Checking our customer feedback, one reviewer says, “My son is still using the first pair after 1.5 years, but they are getting small on him.” Kids aren’t generally “easy” on shoes, and I remember tearing through shoes as a junior tennis player. It’s great to hear these shoes are lasting long enough for a junior to grow out of them. Another reviewer rang in with the same comments, noting there is “hardly any wear on the soles.” The durability comes from the Michelin outsoles. Babolat teams up with the well-known tire maker to create the durable rubber outsole.
  • They’re built for competitors. I already mentioned the Michelin outsole for durability. The outsole’s tread pattern is also designed for multiple court surfaces, making it a versatile shoe. For comfort, there’s full-length cushioning along with VibraKill in the heel.
  •  There’s a wide range of sizes. The shoe goes down to a size 1.5 and goes up to a size 6. (Note: Some versions have a PS and GS in the name. The shoes are built the same. The PS shoe is for the smaller sizes, 1.5 to 3.5, and GS for sizes 4-6.) I did gather from the customer reviews that the shoe may run small. If you’re worried, just remember we do offer free return shipping on all orders so you can send it back to us if the shoe doesn’t fit.
  • They look cool. Even if the shoes are a bargain, it’s not worth the savings if your kid won’t wear them. For the more aggressive look, there’s the black-based shoes with accents of red or blue/yellow. For a more conservative look, there are two white-based models.

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Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW



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