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Athletic DNA: Better fabrics, new styles for spring 2013

Posted on March 19, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel


The new Athletic DNA spring line is here at Tennis Warehouse. There are exciting new designs as always, but Athletic DNA has also made upgrades to its product quality. Check out what’s new this spring:

The Men’s Graphic Tee

When you first look at the fabric of the new men’s graphic t-shirt, it might actually look sheer. But, just wear it out on the tennis court, in the gym, or around town, and you’ll see this shirt is anything but flimsy! The weight of the new graphic tee is 40 grams lighter than the on-court performance shirts, so they will come across as feeling lighter than air. Plus, each time you wash the fabric, it will get softer and never lose its performance.

2013Women Better Fabrics & New Styles in the 2013 ADNA Spring Line!Athletic DNA takes pride in the technology built its our garments, which provides wicking, anti-odor and UV protectants to our athletes. We built our new fabrics for PERFORMANCE, with thinner, light-weight materials.

Men’s Polo Shirt

Another new fabric that Athetlic DNA is introducing is the Pique Mesh, which will be used in the side paneling of the men’s polo shirt, as well as the bottom half of our women’s performance tank tops. In addition to the all the technology mentioned above (anti-odor, moisture management, UV protectants), the pique is a very soft fabric to touch.

2013Women 2 1024x662 Better Fabrics & New Styles in the 2013 ADNA Spring Line!The Women’s Shorts & Capris

Moving on to the women’s Capri Pants and Hot Shorts! Athletic DNA searched high and low for a thick enough fabric that would provide enough support as well as firm compression along with great recovery, so these garments won’t stretch over time. We are confident that our female audience will fall in love with our new ADNA Capri Pants.

Athletic DNA Track Jackets & Half Zips

2013MenLine Better Fabrics & New Styles in the 2013 ADNA Spring Line!Finally in the 2013 Spring line, faithful followers will find new and upgraded fabrics in our track jackets, track pants and half-zips for both men and women. Athletic DNA tested these new items with a select group of athletes, and the response was overwhelmingly positive about the cozy feel of the new line!

Athletic DNA also had its manufacturers brush the inside of these fabrics before production to give it a softer feeling. It also added spandex to provide more stretch, making the clothing more forgiving and comfortable.

On the half-zip, Athletic DNA added a zipper garage, so customers don’t have to worry about catching their chin on the top of the zipper … you’re welcome for that one!

Overall, Athletic DNA truly believes that this is our strongest line release to date, not only because our designs are new and fresh, but our updated fabrics have been worn, tested and approved by each of our fit models and athletes who try them on!

Hidden Gems can be Found all over the New Athletic DNA Designs

Material Detail1 Better Fabrics & New Styles in the 2013 ADNA Spring Line!One detail that Athletic DNA wants to blast to our fans are the custom prints and logos that are included (or added) to each of the styles. Part of the goal for the 2013 line, was to have some hidden surprises. There are custom prints on the inner lining of waistbands, pockets, and inside our hoody that athletes may not notice at first glance … or even sixth. In addition to the custom prints, Athletic DNA also made a conscious effort to add 3M Reflective Heat Transfers to the back of the many pieces that show our logo, just a small touch to help our name, logo and slogan shine while our athletes do the same.

Athletic DNA made strategic choices when designing this spring line in an effort to bring athletes the high-quality fabrics that they need and deserve. As a brand that truly cares about athletes and followers, Athletic DNA always wants to make sure that it establishes the high quality products that you can expect to receive with every Athletic DNA purchase … regardless of whether you are ranked No. 1 or No. 1 million.

Blog re-posted with permission of Athletic DNA.


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