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adidas Barricade 2015 Berlin Wall (Limited Edition Wall Pack)

Posted on April 23, 2015 in Shoes and Apparel

AMB9BW-lightadidas continues their celebration of the 15 year anniversary of the release of the first Barricade with the second installment of their Limited Edition 2015 Wall Pack. This version pays tribute to the 25 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany that paved the way for the reunification of Germany and the individual freedoms and human rights that followed.

IMG_0715-AMB9BWAccording to adidas Tennis Footwear Designer Christian Steinburg, they wanted to avoid going the “expected” route of utilizing graffiti to commemorate the Berlin Wall.  Instead, they started with a monochromatic grey upper to represent the “cold divisive concrete” that separated the two sections of the city. The speckled midsole and inner lining is a call out to the colorful seats on the Berlin U-Bahn metro system, which now represents a connective element that unites all of Berlin after the fall of the wall. Lastly, the bear – also a symbol of the city – can be found on the tongue.

IMG_0722-AMB9BWAs for the shoe itself, the new Barricade 2015 could very well be the best one yet. A shoe line that’s normally been synonymous with long break-in periods and stiff materials, this latest version is ready to go right out of the box and is the softest, most comfortable Barricade of recent memory. While still possessing the stability and durability we’ve come to expect from the line, the 2015 version takes it to a whole new level when it comes to out of the box comfort and flexibility (WATCH THE TW REVIEW HERE!).

Once again, this is a limited release so get your pair from Tennis Warehouse today!

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