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Tennis jackets to fit any budget

Posted on March 7, 2014 in Shoes and Apparel

Tennis Jackets: Save vs Splurge


It’s time for a little shopping! Should I save or splurge? Inspired by the rainy weather today here in San luis Obispo, I wanted to get a jacket. My save today is the Asics Fall Racquet Jacket in green jade and is a bargain at $54. This lightweight jacket features all the technologies you need as well as some stylish details. It features a full-zip entry and elastic binding at the cuffs and hem along with a tonal screen print and rushing on the back.  For my second pick, the adidas Stella McCartney Spring Jacket in fresh aqua is a perfect splurge item. This lightweight jacket is perfect to throw on after a match and is stylish enough to keep on once you step off the courts.The exaggerated collar make quite a statement on both the front and back.

With each of these Save Vs. Splurge blogs, I’ll first feature a “save” since everyone loves a good deal, myself included, and I am always on the hunt to find the best price. And the second will be a “splurge,” which I think is necessary at times to purchase an item that is top of the line or just released. The products will range from apparel to shoes to bags to accessories. Keep checking back in with us for another edition of Save vs Splurge!

Ad Out,


US Open Gear Check: Caroline Wozniacki

Posted on August 28, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

Caroline Wozniacki is going into the US Open this year in top form. She clinched her first round match against Ying-Ying Duan 6-2, 7-5 and next up for Caroline is Chanelle Scheepers. Let’s take a look at what Caroline’s gear is for the US Open this year.

Caroline Wozniacki  in action during the US Open  - photo by Cynthia Lum

Caroline Wozniacki in action during the US Open – photo by Cynthia Lum

Her look: Caroline is looking sharp in hues of blue in her adidas Stella McCartney Fall Ink Dress. Her Stella Barricade 8s (in navy) match perfectly — these durable, stylish shoes are quick on the court and provide great traction combined with stability. They received high marks in our playtest and we love the look of these! She tops off her look with an adidas visor to help shield the NY sun.

Her equipment: Controversy has swirled around Caroline’s current racquet of choice as she is playing with a blacked out frame at the moment — if you take a closer look, I think you can figure out what 16×19 frame she has decided to use as her weapon of choice this year at the Open. Her blacked out frame is accessorized with Yonex Super Grap over grip in white and pink Yonex dampeners. Since she is not with a current racquet sponsor, she is sure to be seen toting around all of her gear in the Stella McCartney Bag.

Hope you are enjoying all of the tennis and if you want a closer look at any of the player’s gear — be sure to let us know!

Play with heart,

Michelle, TW

TW Stylists — Summer Resort/Country Club Edition

Posted on August 8, 2013 in Shoes and Apparel

With it being August (already!), hopefully you have one more summer getaway before Fall rolls around. So this week, the TW Stylists came up with some unique looks that are perfect for when you are heading out to get some tennis in — while on vacation. Or if you don’t have time for a trip away, these would make some great country club outfits as well.
Resort Tennis


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