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Quick review: Volkl V-Dry Overgrip

Posted on March 9, 2013 in Miscellaneous

Volkl V-Dry Overgrip is maybe the most dry grip on the market!

Volkl V-Dry Overgrip is maybe the most dry grip on the market!

If you sweat a lot like me, oftentimes it’s a challenge to find an overgrip that doesn’t get too slippery, especially in hot, humid weather. I love the feel of Yonex Super Grap or Wilson Pro Overgrip, but once you hit spring and summer when the weather heats up, the grip gets too slick, and I can’t keep a good hold on my racquet. I resort to Tourna Grip, the original and most absorbent overgrip on the market…until now!

Volkl’s new V-Dry Overgrip takes moisture absorption to a whole new level. Even in the hottest of weather, this grip stays dry, and I can remain confident in my hold on the racquet. It’s not cushioned or tacky feeling, but instead ┬áit’s dry and gritty feeling, kind of like Tourna Grip.

Personally, I found V-Dry to keep my grip even drier than Tourna Grip, and it lasts longer!  Normally, Tourna Grip works great until it starts to shred after a couple of hits, but V-Dry seems to last forever! I was playtesting a string in my customized Head MicroGel Radical over summer, and I left V-Dry on for upward of two weeks and it still was going strong!

If your hands tend to get sweaty when you play and/or you’ve been a fan of Tourna Grip in the past like I have, I highly suggest giving V-Dry a try. In terms of moisture absorption and dry feel, this new Volkl grip just might take the cake!

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