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Tomas Berdych at the US Open

Posted on September 6, 2012 in Racquets Shoes and Apparel

Tomas Berdych shocked the world Wednesday night with a four-set victory over world #1 Roger Federer at the Open. His untouchable serve and blistering groundstrokes proved to be too much for even the great maestro Roger himself to handle. Let’s take a look at the gear that Tomas is wearing this year in New York…

Berdych uses the Head YOUTEK IG instinct racquet

His weapon of choice (along with women’s semifinalist Maria Sharapova) is the Head YOUTEK IG Instinct. This re-engineered version of the Instinct is light, fast through the air, and really easy to swing, making it ideal for generating tons of power and spin. In addition, Head did a great job making this lightweight racquet feel super stable at impact, even on those off-center shots. Our playtesters believe it’s a must-try for any advanced level player.

Tomas rocks the Nike Vapor 9 Tour shoes in the White/Blue/Navy colorway

With Head providing the racquet for Berdych‘s bone-crushing shots, Nike keeps him looking good and performing at his best. Tomas, along with many other touring pros, is wearing the Nike Vapor 9 Tour shoes.  Chris, our most experienced playtester, think they are the best tennis shoes he’s ever worn! Super lightweight and low-profile, with stability to boot, you barely feel like you’re wearing anything on your feet with them on.


Nike keeps Tomas outfitted in the Fall Statement Graphic Crew and Fall 10″ Woven Short.  Both the shirt and shorts are available in a variety of colors to make sure you find your perfect style.  He accessorizes with the Nike Men’s Basic Featherlight Hat and Nike Swoosh Double Wide Wristbands in Black/White.


Be sure to get some of the sweet gear that Tomas is rocking at the Open, and maybe you could rip your forehand just like him (we can all dream, right?).


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