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Weekly Challenge: Core Work

Posted on May 5, 2014 in Tips & Drills

You’ve heard it before, tennis players need a strong core! So this week, your challenge is to key in on some core exercises to keep that core tight and strong — strengthening your wheelhouse to keep you hitting big!

Everyone always asks where power comes from when it comes to hitting a big ball and many people think it comes from strong arms. While it doesn’t hurt to be strong all over, a lot of power comes from core strength, and now you can do so much more than simple sit ups to add some variety to your core workouts!

Weekly Challenge: Run! (Cardio Time)

Posted on April 28, 2014 in Tips & Drills

This week my challenge for you is to go for a run! Sounds simple, right?!

As tennis players, we often get stuck in the mind frame of being the type of athlete who doesn’t need to work on endurance because we have time to recover between each point. While that is very true and we tennis players often do better with short sprints and bursts of energy with time to recover, I’ve found that a little endurance work here and there can make a world of difference on the court!

So, your challenge, shall you choose to accept it, is to get some cardio in for 30+ minutes, specifically a run if you can.
runblog (more…)

Weekly Challenge: 30 minutes of Serve Practice

Posted on April 21, 2014 in Tips & Drills

No matter your level, there’s a good chance you are always looking to improve. With that being said, I wanted to start a weekly challenge for anyone out there ready to add a weekly challenge to help improve your game.

So let’s start with something easy.

Spend 30 minutes working on your serve this week.


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