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A new take on skorts

Posted on May 24, 2010 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

This year Wilson has noticeably stepped up the design and performance aspects of its apparel. While in previous years, I might have thought Wilson apparel was just, well, standard tennis apparel, in 2010, the designs are stylish and are pushing the envelope — in a good way.

For example, let’s take a look at skorts. When it comes to women’s tennis bottoms, there’s always the question of where we are going to store the tennis ball. Some women, like me, prefer the compression short under the skirt and simply slip the ball under the short. Other women, however, find this cumbersome, uncomfortable or maybe just don’t like the look of the ball lump on the leg or hip (can’t blame anyone there!). Other options include Fancy Pants under the skirt, shorts with pockets — which are far and few between for women — or clip-on ball holders like the Gamma Love Cup.

Enter Wilson with a new approach. The summer collection’s Tea Lawn Skort and Garden Skort from spring both feature an innovative feature: a built-in ball pocket on the left hip. I had never seen this before, so I tried on the skort and found it easy to put a ball in there without worry that it would slip out during play. I’m sure it would take me a while to routinely put the ball there and would go for the short without even thinking about it, but it’s good to know that designers are aware of the ball storage dilemma we female tennis players face.

Wilson also went for form and function with the spring Yarra Skort. Very modern in its design, the Yarra Skort has a fold-over waist, which is so popular with yoga and other fitness apparel. This fold-down waist style also has enough elastic to hold a tennis ball. This is a great idea and lets me know that Wilson’s designers are paying attention to how women are dressing as I’ve seen a lot of women in Southern California sporting yoga-style pants on the tennis courts.

I, for one, am a fan of the direction Wilson is going with these skorts. Let me know if any of you have tried these or have any other creative ways of storing tennis balls when you’re on the court.

Happy Hitting,
Tiffani, TW

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