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Ritualistic Panties

Posted on June 17, 2009 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

In the 19th century they were known as rationals, knickerbockers and athletic bloomers. Worn in the contexts of athletic activity, female tennis players today wear them to secure the yellow ball of choice during game play. For the playtesters at Tennis Warehouse, they’re known as Kana’s obnoxiously bright panties.

Being an unofficial sponsor of Fancy Pants panties, I am attracted to the ridiculous patterns and retro styles like a fly to the blue light of death. Making a fashion statement on the tennis court has never crossed my mind as it is a hidden article of clothing (of course “hidden” doesn’t necessarily mean it never appears while wearing skirts), but rather a conundrum for my officemates on why I would purchase such a piece. It feels uncanny for me not to wear these brightly fabricated pieces, just as it feels uncanny not to wear a bracelet of some sort on my right ankle.

Ritualistically, for every match or even just a simple hit, I have to come equipped in one of my obnoxiously bright panties and bracelet on my right ankle. Otherwise, I mentally and physically feel out of sync. Nevertheless, if such a thing did happen (which it rarely does) other than the uneasy feeling at the beginning, I must hit through it. In essence, do you have a ritual that prepares you for your game play? It can be an article of clothing, a favored racquet you start with, or number of times you bounce the ball before a serve. Let me know! For I have revealed my ritual: I can’t use shorts with pockets, I can’t use the elastic pocket in the skort, I must… use bloomers.

Peace Sign,

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