7 Tennis Tees That Make A Statement!

Whether you are playing a practice match or have a tough drilling session, wearing something that represents you as a player is very important.  I have put together my top 7 picks of both men’s and women’s t-shirts that will have heads turning on the court.

Men's Statement Tees

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Fun. Fit. Fabulous. 10 Nike Tennis Spring Pieces worn on court and everywhere in between!

If you are anything like me or my tennis friends, your life is busy and you are usually juggling your outfits with your daily activities — from the gym, to work, to the court, to running errands, etc.! So we wanted to help you out and grabbed 10 super cute pieces from Nike and made several different outfits perfect for all areas of your day — from sporty to sassy to strong looks — we’ve got you covered!

OutfitCollageBannerLike the professional athletes of our sport, today’s tennis players don’t just play tennis anymore to get their exercise in — you can find them in the gym, running, hiking, taking barre classes, kickboxing, cross-fitting, etc. Which is why this blog is a shout out to those dynamic ladies out there who find themselves on the court, off the court, in the gym and every where in between on a daily basis. These are the looks the active, athletic tennis ladies live in.
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Five Things I Love This Week @ TW!

As always, a bunch of new items are always coming in to TW, so here are my favorite things this week at Tennis Warehouse!

5 things I love this week

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Tennis fashion: Favorites under $40

While dropping off the kids at preschool, I noticed that gas prices have crept up 10 cents in the last couple of days. That seems to be the standard these days. The cost of everything going up, that is. The good deals are still there, but we just have to look harder. I had the TW Stylists do some of the work for you and asked them to find their favorite pieces under $40 that weren’t on sale. Karly upped the ante and nearly found an entire outfit for that amount. Impressive!

Favs under $40: Bargain basics

Let’s start with Karly and her outfit. The grand total for this outfit is $40.98. One of my favorite things about this outfit is the versatility. She went with a white Reebok skort, which is easily matched with just about any top. The tank is nearly all black, again an easy match with just about any bottom. I would recommend going down a size in the skort if you’re in between sizes because it runs slightly large. It’s also a good pick if you like skorts on the longer side.

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Bolle Sail Away, Fall 2012

Bolle Sail Away, Fall 2012

Check out our latest outfit ideas on Polyvore!

Bolle Sail Away Dress
Available in two colors, this dress is perfectly nautical with its classic navy-white stripes.

Bolle Sail Away Colorblock Tank
This top has the classic sporty look with a nod to the nautical theme with its side striping.

Bolle Sail Away Strappy Tank
This one is figure flattering with the stripes coming together in a chevron pattern.

Bolle Side Stripes Skort
Tie this in with any of the tops for a perfectly cute look.

Asics Gel Resolution 4 shoes
Easy to match is just one great feature of these high performing Asics shoes. Comfort, cushioning, stability… it’s all there!

Maggie Mather Tote bag
So versatile and so cute, this tote is also durable with its canvas material. Check out the zebra lining!

Bolle Women’s Sail Away Slits Skort
This skort matches the group perfectly but also probably matches so many other tops in your tennis wardrobe!
Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Knit versus woven. Do you know the difference?

Are you like me and ever find yourself asking questions like, “What’s the difference between salted and unsalted butter?” or “Isn’t the ‘Blue Green’ crayon the same as the ‘Green Blue’ one? So really, the 24 box of crayons should be changed to 23 crayons?” We know these things are different, but sometimes have a hard time distinguishing those main differences. Tomato, Tomahto.

A frequently asked question in the world of tennis apparel is, “What’s the difference between knit and woven?” Which can be pretty important to know when browsing through all the different shorts, skirts, and jackets labeled as either “knit” or “woven.”

Knit vs. Woven

Now some people reading this may say that there is an obvious difference between “Blue Green” and “Green Blue,” just like the tennis players who know the difference between the two types of fabric. When I first started working at TW, I was not one of those players and couldn’t tell you which clothing piece was which. But after learning the tricks of the trade, one might say I am now a Knit-Woven Master (if only I could say the same thing for acronyms). I can tell the difference between knit and woven from across a room. Blindfolded on a good day.

Today I am passing that knowledge off to you! Like the name, knit apparel is formed by (whaddaya know) knitting — in other terms, interlocking loops of fabric together. This technique allows the finished product to be stretchier because of the loops. If you were to pull the fabric in different directions, the cloth will stretch to your movement. In its basic form, woven apparel on the other hand is interlaced tightly together by threads passing in one direction, making them not as stretchy. (There are more technical woven fabrics designed with two-way stretch or four-way stretch.)

I wish I could describe the difference in one word for simplicity, but unfortunately it probably wouldn’t make any sense. So I’ll also lay out the differences in a list to keep the explanation simple.


All in all, knit is generally designed for comfort and woven is more of a performance based fabric to wick away moisture better.

You also might be surprised when I say I wasn’t kidding about telling the difference between the two fabrics blindfolded. It’s true, I can do it. I’ll let you in on my little secret: Woven is usually noisier if you rub the fabric together. Since knit is softer and more elastic it doesn’t make as much sound as woven fabrics.

Pass on this secret to your friends! Or if you don’t, make ‘em think you’re a Knit-Woven Master, too, when you can tell the difference blindfolded.


TGIF – Today’s Good-looking Items (that will no doubt make you) Fashionable

I agree, I may have been pushing it a little bit with that acronym… But that was the best I could come up with (if you thought that was bad, you’re lucky I didn’t list any of the other ones). For this installment of TGIF I wanted to showcase the adidas Tennis Trefoil T-Shirt.

adidas Trefoil Tennis Tee
adidas Tennis Trefoil Tees

What does this shirt have to offer you ask? Everything. Well, not quite everything, but close enough; it has comfort, style and versatility. Available for both men and women, it’s one comfy tee that’ll make you look stylish whether you decide to wear it for athletic or casual wear.

Before you disregard it for being just another plain logo t-shirt, go on and take a closer look. Notice anything you didn’t before? That’s right, tennis balls! The classic adidas trefoil logo is made of tennis balls (well done, adidas, well done) adding a bit of craftiness to the design. And not to mention the burst of bright yellow from the logo is enough to make it anything but plain.

Flaunt how good it makes you look on the courts. Show it off at the gym. Wear it when you go to the movies or out to lunch with friends. I love versatile clothes you can wear for different types of occasions, and this is one top that should not be overlooked!

adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack Bag
adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack Bag

And if you’re like me and sometimes suffer from not having enough hands to hold everything, check out the adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack. This bag is a perfect match with the adidas Tennis Trefoil T-shirt if you love coordinating your outfits. Like the shirt, it’s versatile so you can take it everywhere with you to help carry your tennis racquet, gym necessities or everyday items. Pick out your favorite color and free your hands so you can show off the front of your matching adidas Tennis Trefoil T-Shirt!

Oh, and TGIF2! (Yes, “Thank goodness it’s Friday too” instead of another one of my bad acronyms.)


Who Says Men Can’t Wear Pink?

Men's Lotto Graphic 2 Group

Lotto certainly doesn’t!  Their new collection of apparel certainly doesn’t shy away from the color!  Pink can be seen in every piece of the Graphic 2 Group whether it is the main color of the crew or an accent on the short. And it is definitely not the girly powdery baby pink.  The color is named by Lotto to be Fluo Gloss, but I would describe the pink as neon or highlighter. Another feature of the outfit is the sporty wave graphic on the front chest of the crew, polo and warmup.

David Ferrer in Lotto

The pros  will be sporting this look out on the court as well. Keep an eye out for  players like David Ferrer to be showing off this new line at some upcoming events. Just for fun I had some willing men in my office try on the line, and to my surprise the outfits looked great on them as well. I love the Lotto Graphic 2 Trail Crew In Fluo Gloss paired with the Graphic 2 Trail Short. It definitely makes a statement on the court!

And let’s not forget about accessories! Complete your look with the Lotto Graphic Trail 2 Hat and Wristbands.

What are your thoughts on this Lotto line?

Ad Out,


More Than Just Tennis

This is a shout-out to the ladies out there! If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable outfit, the Personal Performance Group from Fila features clothing that is perfect for an active lifestyle. Not only do these outfits look great on the tennis court, but the supple feel of the material also makes it perfect for yoga or the gym.

Below are pieces within the group that call-out the stylish looks of Fila. Don’t forget to click here to see what other outfits you can build within the Performance Group.

Thanks to Paige for modeling and Rev Studio – Spin, Pilates, Fitness, Personal Training in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Peace Sign,