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Multifilament of the month – Isospeed Professional

Posted on May 3, 2013 in Strings


The basic facts

  • Construction: Polyolefin Ribbons

  • Gauges: 17 (1.25mm)

  • Color(s): Natural

  • Available in: Sets

  • Feel: Extremely Comfortable. Low vibration.

  • Recommended to: all ability levels, but especially those whose chief concern is comfort. A great option for players with tennis elbow. Also perfect for adding feel and vibration dampening to a hybrid.


How does it play?

Isospeed Professional Classic does not have the name recognition of Wilson NXT, Tecnifibre NRG2 or Gamma Professional. Nor does it have the higher price tag. What it does share with these iconic multifilaments is comfort – outstanding comfort. In fact, in the TW String Lab this string received a stiffness score that places it closer to natural gut than any of its more famous peers. The unique ribbons that make up Professional Classic are pre-stretched under high heat. As a result, this string maintains playability quite well while also offering a more muted and controlled response than comparable strings. Finally, no mention of Professional Classic is complete without noting its “Best of Class” vibration dampening. Aside from natural gut, there are few other strings that are as effective at adding comfort to a stiff frame. Anyone in the market for an arm-friendly multi or the perfect hybrid cross is encouraged to give this one a try. (And the price is awfully hard to beat)

What our playtester said;

“Soft without being mushy.”

“Installed at the top of the tension range, this string enabled me to swing big enough to generate good spin. Control was excellent and I didn’t give away an inch of comfort.”

“High marks for tension maintenance, and surprisingly good durability.”

“Touch around the net is spectacular. And it has a level of precision and predictability that is typically seen with much firmer strings.”


Breaking Down the Great Wall of Pain With China Gel

Posted on July 1, 2009 in Health & Nutrition Miscellaneous

As we deal with our pain from the game we love, our methods of therapy vary. As Wimbledon approaches the final rounds, we find ourselves playing more aggressively much like our favorite picks. Do we know when to draw the line if an injury is too bad? Or do we try to play through it hoping the injuries will miraculously go away?

The office’s current injuries are as follows:
Spencer Boller: Plantar Fasciitis
Jason Huang: Golfer’s Elbow
Myself: Tendonitis

The most common of our remedies have included icing, stretching, strength training, and of course the addictive remedy of choice, the Topical Pain Reliever, China Gel.

No doubt about it, I love China Gel! Not because I’m Chinese, actually I’m not even Chinese, though some people think I am, rather it is the enhancing healing sensation China Gel brings to my body that attracts me the most. The main points of application for China Gel have been my Iliotibial band (IT) Band, back, arm, and most commonly, my shoulder. I have nothing but praises toward this gel.

Not only does this gel help me feel better, it has given our office the added aroma of minty joy. Kind of like a Mojito or Mentos – the fresh maker! The usage of China Gel not only fills our office with its mint-like smell, but the hallways we walk through as well. Of course there are other topical gels out there such as Tiger Balm or Ben-Gay, which I used in my younger days, but my China Gel preference inevitably comes down to the non-greasy feel and use of herbal remedies.

There’s something addictive about this greaseless gel that makes me feel complete after a hard tennis session. It isn’t the only thing I rely on to calm my pains, but it definitely helps therapeutically. What remedies are you using to help you through the pain?

Topical Pain Reliever

Topical Pain Reliever

Peace Sign,

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