Best of 2013: Tennis apparel

We tennis players are a good lookin’ bunch! Our sport of choice would certainly win the “best dressed” award when put up against the competition. Our Tennis Warehouse playtesters have picked their favorite racquets, shoes, and strings of 2013, and now we’re looking at clothing. So without further ado, here are our favorite apparel pieces and brands for the year.

In late 2013, we introduced a new men’s brand called Travis Mathew. It outfitted James Blake in the latter years of his career. After retiring, Andy Roddick also signed on as an ambassador as well as an investor. It’s all about great style and feel for this Southern California-based brand. Count Jason and our own Andy Gerst as fans.

Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew

Jason: “I’m a classy guy and this is a classy brand. ‘Nuff said.” (Editor’s note: Plus he’s the biggest James Blake fan of all time!)

Andy: “It looks awesome, and it feels even better than it looks! The apparel pieces have a ‘classed-up California surfer vibe’ going on, which, growing up in a Southern California beach town, really appeals to me. This stuff looks great on and off the court!”

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Fourth of July tennis fashion!


What better way to celebrate Independence Day than putting together some patriotic tennis outfits?! Our TW Fashionistas (Brittany, Karly and I) took to the warehouse to come up with 3 stylish outfits that scream U-S-A! Take a look at what we have for you for to help get you in the American spirit!
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Tennis Outfits $40 or less

Tennis Outfits $40 or less

What’s better than a new tennis outfit?  A tennis outfit that is cute and affordable.  Right now at TW we have a women’s apparel warehouse sale going on with all of the pieces priced less than $20 each.  Brands such as Nike, adidas, and Wilson are all included as well as some of our specialty brands like Tonic, Lija, and Eliza Audley.  I have put together 5 court-worthy tennis outfits for those players who are on a budget (aka $40 or less per outfit!).

The first outfit is the Wilson Fall Star Power X- Back Tank and Wilson Fall Skort, which is the perfect combination of style and performance. I love the color combination of cyan, flint grey and white.  The tank has a super cute back with the straps crossing for a sporty look, while the skort features a colorblocked wide elastic waistband and fun pleats located on the back.

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Tennis capris

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

At the BNP Paribas Open yesterday, we experienced some cooler weather for the desert.  With the temperature staying in the 60s with a crisp breeze (sometimes more hurricane-like), spectators and players a like were a little chilly.  So how did the (female) player cope?  By wearing capris!
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Don’t take me to ‘tasc’ for this bad word play, but I can’t help but love my tasc tees!

While I have a drawer (OK, a couple drawers) full of tennis specific clothes, some of my recent go-to pieces are ones that I can wear casually, for tennis and for other outdoor activities.

tasc Women's Summer Streets V-Neck Top ($30

One of my favorite new finds is tasc. The styles are simple, making them versatile, and the fabric is so comfortable that as soon as I wash my tees, I want to wear them again. The fabric is the star with tasc clothing. The signature fabric is a bamboo-organic cotton combo that offers comfort and performance. With the summer rays shining down, it’s more important than ever to think of sun protection. All of tasc’s clothing provides UPF 50+ protection. The feel is amazing. The fabric is lightweight and breathable — two musts for hot weather.

On our Pinterest page, we have a fun board called “UV got style!” Not only a great play on words (acronyms?), this board is also a great place to check out some of our favorite UV protective styles. We pinned the long-sleeve top, and someone asked if you could really play comfortably in the summer in it. Well, I suppose it probably does rely somewhat on what your summers are like. Where we’re based — San Luis Obispo, Calif. — our summers are fairly mild compared to other parts of the country. Most of the time, the highs don’t top the mid-80s.

That's a model wearing the tasc Women's Basic Core LS V-Neck Top ($35), not me!

I’ve been wearing my white tasc long-sleeve on the court comfortably this summer. We may not have searing temperatures here, but our UV Index is off the charts. I don’t sunburn easily in most places, but the sun burns brightly here and I can burn in an hour if I forget to apply sunblock or cover up. I’m planning on picking up more longsleeve tasc tops for this summer’s backpacking trip, too.

You’re probably wondering about the sweat factor. tasc’s fabric is more than 50 percent cotton, and cotton has a nasty reputation for sticking. Some women don’t sweat. I’m not one of those women. I sweat, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I work hard! The bamboo does offer wicking enough for me, but it may not for all.

I’m not the only tasc fan in the playtesting office, and Jason has been wearing tasc to play tennis. Overall he loves his shirt. He says, “I thought the fit/cut was great; it’s not as boxy as other brands. It was very lightweight, breathable and very soft.”

But when it came to sweat, it did the job but maybe not as well as pieces that are 100 percent polyester. Still, it’s not enough to deter him from playing in tasc.

“The one downside that I found was that even though the shirt did a great job wicking away sweat from my body, the sweat didn’t evaporate as quickly as I would’ve liked from the shirt itself,” Jason explains. “But I’d definitely add more tasc shirts to my tennis wardrobe.”

I’m with Jason. I, too, will be adding more tasc tops to my wardrobe, but I’ll be mixing them into my daily wardrobe as an active, working mom!

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW