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High Fashion Tennis

Posted on November 4, 2010 in Shoes and Apparel

Tennis started off as a very conservative sport. Whites with very few details were the choice of apparel as it was the clean and sophisticated look. In this modern era, players have stronger bodies and have progressed into more of an aggressive style of play. To match the trend of this sport, tennis fashion has evolved into chic and glamorous looks.

Could there be apparel that brings the glitz and glamor to the court? Well yes.. yes there is! Featured below are my favorite “bling” outfits that we carry. Eliza Audley, Down the Line, and Tail shine in women’s design with their new additions. You can accessorize and get dolled up not only for the courts, but off as well!

Featured Apparel (Click to go to the product page):
Tail Flamenco Medalist Vest
Eliza Audley Zebra Leggings
Eliza Audley Gold Bomber Jacket
Tail Flamenco Tango Dress
Down the Line Lucky Girl Vegas Tank
Down the Line Lucky Girl Vegas Skort
Down the Line B2B 3 Diamond Dress

Peace Sign,

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