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Quick review: Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip

Posted on December 16, 2013 in Miscellaneous

If you are looking for the tackiest grips of them all…look no further! After playtesting Tourna Grip Mega Tac Overgrip ourselves and running a playtest on our message boards, Talk Tennis, we are confident in saying that if you are a fan of tacky grips, this one is definitely the one for you!

This new Mega Tac grip from Tourna is the tackiest grip to ever have been created. Not only is it tacky, but it also lasts longer than any other grip you’ve used — retaining its tack for up to 14 hours of play.

TMTBK-1Being that the chilly fall days are here and winter is right around the corner, this is the grip for the brisk season of tennis playing! During the summer, you probably want a grip that will absorb the most sweat (think Tourna Grip), but in the colder temps and with less sweat, tacky is what you want when it comes to finding the perfect grip for your game. Hot or cold weather aside, we ran a playtest on Talk Tennis (our message board) and found that players are really loving this grip no matter the temperature outside! Check out some of the feedback we received from the Talk Tennis playtesters:

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