String Review: Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16

If you read our racquet reviews on Tennis Warehouse, then you may have gotten a taste for my love of polys. With that in mind, you can get an idea of how much fun this playtest was for me.

I strung this string in my Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mids at 55lbs. I usually string around 57lbs, but due to Kirschbaum’s recommendation, I dropped the tension to 55lbs and was glad I did.

Spiky Shark is a textured poly and I found it really grabbed the ball. Bite off the stringbed was excellent. In classic Kirschbaum style, the string plays pretty firm and is very control oriented. Going down a couple of pounds compared to other co-polys is definitely the way to go.

Kirschbaum is one of the few manufacturers that pre-stretch polys, and this generally gives Kirschbaum strings a firmer feel compared to other brands. The plus side is that Kirschbaum polys tend to hold tension better and Spiky Shark held form in this respect. It is rare that I’m happy with the performance of a poly going into the second week of play, but with Spiky Shark I found the string to still be very playable.

From the baseline and on serve, I was impressed with the amount of spin I was generating. I was able to take a very healthy rip at the ball with Spiky Shark without any loss of control. All that racquet head speed and the aforementioned bite resulted in some nice hop on topspin shots. I was also getting some nice grip on slice shots and was enjoying the amount of spin and control I was finding.

When attacking the net the firm, control oriented response of Spiky Shark had me feeling well connected to the ball. I felt pretty good putting some serious stick into volleys and wasn’t worried about the ball flying on me. Likewise, I was able to keep touch volleys on target and enjoyed the way I could bleed the pace off passing attempts with this string.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed hitting with Spiky Shark. I think the worst thing that can happen when competing is having the ball fly on me and have the feeling that I need to hold back. Spiky Shark definitely takes care of that and I really enjoyed being able to swing away freely while this string was in my racquet.

If you like polys like I do, this co-poly is definitely a must hit. If you give it a try, get ready for some serious bite on the ball and remember to drop the tension a couple of pounds.