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A setback

Posted on April 16, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

My doubles partner Ibrahim and I at the Yonex Cup.

My doubles partner Ibrahim and I at the Yonex Cup.

Friday night brought the challenge of the quarterfinals of the doubles draw. My partner Ibrahim and I were set to play Rylan Rizza and Peter Lucassen, both good players and both still in the singles tournament. I had been pretty sore all day. To be honest after my long singles and doubles matches on Thursday night I felt as if I had been hit by a bus. When my feet hit the ground on Friday morning I was a little concerned about my match that night. I did, however, have the whole day to try to recover which I took full advantage of. I iced and stretched multiple times, rubbed muscle cream into my quads, hips and knees, and tried every trick in the book to loosen up. Thankfully it was Day 2 of the Masters golf tournament, so that kept me occupied for most of the day as I laid on the floor in my living room trying to expedite the healing process. By mid-afternoon I felt pretty good. I felt I was ready for another tough match that evening.

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