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Playing Tennis with Roxy

Posted on February 28, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

I have been a huge fan of bright, blocked colors this winter. And, yes, despite what I would consider a temperate winter here in lovely San Luis Obispo (compared to the cold/slushy/rainstorms that my friends and I always suffered in Oregon), winter’s a great excuse to wear some nice warmth-friendly gear on court. I always feel more comfortable in athletic gear, and I’ve really started to grow toward the bright colors that have a lot of personality to them.

Bold is the new muted. Simple is the new complicated. Long-sleeve is the new short sleeve. I decided. I also decided that one of the best things women need to be wearing right now is confidence, along with some sweet apparel. Combining confidence with athletic, bold colored, comfortable gear is Roxy. Growing up, Roxy had always been primarily a surfing brand for females, and until I started working here I’d never thought of it as tennis brand, but check you out, Roxy! Really stepping up the play. I suggest you go look at Roxy’s tanks, too, because I will definitely be sporting these on the court in the summer. My favorite Roxy offering for winter? The Women’s Spring Long Jump II Long Sleeve Top.

Roxy Women's Spring Long Jump II LS Top

Roxy Women's Spring Long Jump II LS Top

It’s a nice, shaped long sleeve that compliments the figure and fits well for playing in. It’s made of polyester and spandex so it’s stretchy, and has a pinhole mesh design so is nice and light, while still keeping you warm. Sometimes I just love a nice long sleeve that keeps my arms toasty, particularly when playing in drafty indoor courts or when it’s a bit chilly outside. You have a couple options with this: get the smaller size and wear it as alone for a training top (my preferred choice) or get a size up and wear it as a cover-up. Either way, it’s great to play in and fits well so there is no movement when you’re playing.

Roxy Women's Spring Long Jump II LS Top

Roxy Women's Spring Long Jump II LS Top

The Spring Long Jump II comes in one color. Bright pink. Perfect to pair with a black or white bottom, or another bright color to make your mark on the court or in the gym. Don’t get put off because the color is out there, because hey, if you’re going to train hard you may as well treat yourself to apparel that makes you feel good. Brighten up your mood with the Roxy Long Sleeve and take the positive emotions out onto the court.

It’s bright. It’s loud. It’s perfect to wear when someone asks if you’re free to hang out because you can say, “Sorry, I can’t. I’m off to play tennis.”



Short stuff: Women’s tennis shorts – they’re back!

Posted on January 17, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Shorts! They’re back in vogue. They’re so back that Victoria Azarenka is wearing them on court for her matches at the Australian Open.

Nike Tie-Break Knit Short

If you can’t tell, I’m excited. It’s about time, I say, for a resurgence in shorts. My long favorites, the Nike Power Knit Shorts, are still around, but now we of the tennis shorts fan club have more options. From Nike, I’ve picked up the Tie-Break Knit Short in Spark Pink. The short is a good length, the built-in short has enough stretch to hold the tennis ball in place without constricting my legs, and has the optional fold-down waistband. Rolled down, the waistband it says Love Tennis with a Swoosh. I like these so much, I think I’ll add to the collection with a pair in black and Mega Blue.

adidas Women's Sequential Short

adidas has a new short offering that shouldn’t be missed by us shorts fans. The Sequential Short is another two-in-one short. This one differs with a drawcord at the waist and a more traditional woven outer short. Like the Nike short, the inner short hits the mark, offering ball storage and comfort. I love the black and white for the option of mixing and matching, but I hope adidas sees the need to roll these out in more colors later this year.

Roxy Pace Yourself 2-in-1 Short

Similar to the Nike Tie Break Short is the Roxy Pace Yourself 2-in-1 Short. The inseam measures longer than the Nike Tie Break Short, but it fits shorter and tighter on me. Though I find it true to size, I think I would get a sizer larger than I usually would because I prefer it to be slightly longer, and with the elastic waistband and drawcord I can adjust the waist.

With all these options, it looks like I can finally start to retire some of my older shorts. I think I’m going to stock up, too, just in case the powers that be decide to take us into another tennis short drought!

Happy Hitting,
Tiffani, TW

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