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Beating the rain and winning in Virginia!

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

I just got back from a National Open tournament in Reston, Virginia and had a great time! I was able to win the tournament after playing 5 matches, and enjoyed my first visit to that area. The goal, besides simply winning, was to get several good matches in as well as some confidence before heading into the rest of the tougher tournaments of the season. After a long weekend in Virginia, I came out with a National Open title, some prize money, and some national ranking points, so hopefully it will not be an issue getting into Futures tournament draws.

Reston 2013

This tournament reminded me of how difficult the travel life of a serious tennis player can be. I was up at 3:30 am for our early flight out on Thursday, and was not really able to get much sleep before the alarm went off. Once in Reston, our hotel room would not be ready for a couple hours, so I tried to sleep very uncomfortably on a hotel chair and coffee table, and ended up getting a sore back in the process. When our room was finally ready, I went straight to the bed and zonked out for most of the day aside from a bit of time on the practice courts. My plan was to have my dad feed me a couple drills, but with limited access to balls, he ended up hitting with me (even though he has not played tennis in probably 10 years, which was the last time he hit with me!). Surprisingly, the old man still has some game and did pretty well, though I do have to hit every ball to his forehand (I did hit one hard flat forehand of mine at him which he whiffed and was pretty funny)! Luckily, a couple local players agreed to do some 2 on 1s with me once my dad’s elbow began to give out. After my hit, it was dinner and basically time for lights out.


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