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Couples therapy – workout style

Posted on September 27, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Couples therapy - workout style

Does a couple who plays tennis together and works out together stay together? I have no idea, but a good workout always sounds good to me — on court or off. So cheers to couples who look great together on and off the court!

Couples therapy – workout style by tennis-warehouse on Polyvore
Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

A Dress For Every Budget

Posted on September 20, 2011 in Shoes and Apparel

Who doesn’t love a good tennis dress?  They come in all different colors, sizes, shapes, and yes, even prices.  Whether you are looking for a dress that one of your favorite pros is wearing or one that won’t break the bank, Tennis Warehouse has exactly what you are looking for.

Dresses Shown (L to R): Wilson La Divine, KSwiss New Accomplish, DTL Crush Criss, Fila Fall Baseline, Reebok Spring Vibrance Statement

For the frugal shopper, here are a couple dresses that will fit every budget.  All these dresses are  $50 and under and may only be here for a limited time.  With brands such as Wilson, KSwiss, DTL, Fila, and Reebok, you have a plentiful variety to choose from.

Dresses Shown (L to R):: Jerdog Strands Twist, adidas Fall adiZero Feather, Sergio Tachini Shana, Tail Wild Card Exuberance, Bolle Spring Awakening

Between $51-$75, this category features dresses with brands such as Jerdog, adidas, Sergio Tacchini, Tail, and Bolle.  Take a look at all the different styles, colors, and cuts to choose from.

Dresses Shown (L to R): Lacoste Spring StripedNike Fall Set Point, Pure Lime Fall Colorblock, Lacoste Fall Tennis, Nike Fall Smash Hard Court

Style and performance come together with dresses that are from $76 to $100.  Nike, Lacoste, and Pure Lime show off fabulous dresses for every style of player. And with players like Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, and Samantha Stosur wearing these dresses out on court, you might even play like them (we can all dream, but that would be awesome!).

Dresses Shown (L to R):Nike Fall Maria Ace Lawn, Lija Neo Fuse Angle, Eliza Audley Color Guard, Lacoste Fall Pique Polo, Nike Fall Maria Ace Day

For those watching television and seeing pros like Maria Sharapova and want to dress just like them, these dresses are for you.  With designs from Nike and Lacoste as well as brands with fabulous fabrics (see Tiffani’s blog) like Eliza Audley and Lija, these dresses shine on the court. All of these dresses are priced between $101-$125.

I believe one can never have too many tennis dresses. So make sure you load up on them for the fall season!

Ad Out,


Jock-ey-ing for position

Posted on June 18, 2009 in Shoes and Apparel

Without actually revealing my age, I was in my first year of college the last time I sported a jockstrap. I played on the basketball team, and the school provided equipment such as shoes, uniforms, socks, and yes, jockstraps. So what the heck, I’ll take advantage of the free gear. First game, I got dressed and immediately realized this jock was not going to work for me. Not sure how my 5’10”, 165 lb. frame was mistaken for Shaquille O’neal’s, but since our game was on the road, I had to make do. Let me just say that the straps in the back were so loose, I got a first hand look, or feel rather, of what it was like to wear a thong. Too much info? Probably. That would be the last time I would be a supporter of wearing a jockstrap, or should I say a jockstrap would be ‘supporting’ me.

Back then, compression shorts were called ‘tights’ or ‘spandex shorts’ and were seen mostly in the aerobics room at your local gym. They went hand in hand with the classic Reebok aerobic shoes and headbands that were ‘in’ back then. Flashdance comes to mind, “I’m a maniac, maniac. . .” You’re catching my drift, I’m sure. My girlfriend at the time worked at a store that sold dance/workout wear. Parking my pride at the curb, I went in and found a pair of ‘tights’ and have never looked back. Not only do you get the same certain ‘support’ you would get from a jockstrap, but the added tautness around the glutes, hammies and quads helps as well — a much more comfortable and supporting option as far as I’m concerned.

I’m certainly not in the minority when it comes to that decision as you will notice in today’s sports, most players are also wearing compression shorts. Both men and women have taken advantage of this comfort and support. Is the jockstrap dead? Not yet, but those who wear them would be termed as ‘old school’, or ‘traditional’. Let’s just say that compression shorts are the overwhelming choice in athletics today.

To this day, I still play basketball, as well as tennis. I also frequent the gym. For all of these activities, it is second nature to throw on compression shorts under my shorts. I guess I could say I feel naked without them. Literally.

Supportingly yours,


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