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Rediscovering the Yonex RD Ti 80

Posted on June 11, 2010 in Racquets


It’s funny how a racquet being re-released or updated with a new cosmetic can inspire one to go out and hit with it again.

Such was the case with Yonex releasing a new cosmetic for the RD Ti 80. It was actually the third time I’ve been inspired to hit the RD Ti 80, making this the third cosmetic version I’ve used. The good news is, the response has never changed. Every time I hit the RD Ti 80, it feels exactly how I remember it: rock solid, silky smooth, stable yet maneuverable and offering almost effortless depth and penetration.

In the previous two iterations of the RD Ti 80, I was using multifilament strings exclusively. I always enjoyed the racquet but would occasionally find a shot fly deep on me for no apparent reason. It seemed the same response that offered effortless depth could, at times, provide too much of a good thing and cause me to miss long. It was that missing long which prevented me from seriously taking a look at the RD Ti 80. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed playing with it, I could just never find that feeling where the racquet became an extension of my arm — until today.


Today, I went out and hit the RD Ti 80 strung with Topspsin Cyber Flash 16 at 60lbs. From the first hit, the racquet felt great. I was finding that same silky smooth response, effortless penetration and just a dynamite combo of stability/maneuverability. I was getting more spin from the racquet than I remembered and was really enjoying it on my slice backhand. The big difference, however, was I didn’t miss long. Monofilament co-poly string has cured my malady with the RD Ti 80. For the first time the racquet felt like an extension of my arm. I felt really comfortable taking a good cut at the ball and quickly started to trust the response I was finding. It was just a great hit with the racquet today and I really found the groove with it.yti80-2

Am I going to switch? No. I’m still really happy with my Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mids and can’t see myself leaving that racquet. However, I’ll definitely be hitting the RD Ti 80 more from now on. I had so much fun hitting the racquet today. Now I’m anxious what kind of performance I can find from it with different co-poly strings and at different tensions (yes, there will be some experimentation in the 30lbs range for sure).



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