String Review: Isospeed Professional 17

Isospeed’s Professional 17 gauge string is advertised to be the closest match to natural gut on the market for synthetic gut string.  Along with Isospeed’s reputation among my peers as an excellent string manufacturer, I figured the Professional 17 would definitely be worth a try.

The Isospeed Power Ribbon technology is specifically designed to mimick the composition of a natural gut string, and by combining it with their tradition of pre-stretching the filaments in the string, it also maintains tension and aids in the durability of the string.

I strung up my set of Professional 17 in my racquet at 60 lbs, increasing my desired tension which is normally between 56-58 lbs when stringing with a polyester.  When stringing, it felt fairly similar to an average synthetic gut, but with a little more of a “wirey” feel (slightly stiffer and rougher).  But overall a fairly easy string to install.

With the first strike of the ball I was able to notice the comfort and playability of the Professional 17.  The ball pocketed well and exploded off the string bed, provided great power and spin potential.  The Power Ribbon technology gave the string a nice texture to it, which made it very responsive and provided me with excellent feel.  As is the case with most synthetic gut strings, the Professional 17 was very soft and arm-friendly.  However, it varied from other synthetic gut strings in that I was able to have a lot more touch and feel with it because of how responsive the string bed was.  Every ball felt as though it was on the strings forever, which is a nice feeling!  The only downside was its durability, as it only lasted me for a couple hours of hard play.  However, this is pretty on par, if not a little better, than most synthetic guts that I’ve tried.

The Professional 17 string was probably my favorite synthetic gut string I have played with, perhaps along with the Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex.  However, compared to the Prince Syn Gut, the Isospeed provided me with more touch and better feel, and also added durability making it, in my opinion, a slightly nicer string.  At $10.99 a set, it is a little pricey, but the excellent feel that it provides along with the added durability definitely makes the Isospeed Professional 17 worth a try!


Isospeed Energetic 17 String Review


In the mood for something a little different than I would normally play with, I tried a set of the Isospeed Energetic 17 gauge string.  Word has spread that Isospeed makes a great-playing string, and the Energetic did not disappoint.  With similar appearance to an aramid string, the Energetic differs by offering a very comfortable and soft feel with great durability for a multifilament.

Stringing the Energetic was a little unique to other strings.  I strung it at 56 lbs in my Prince TT Warrior MP.  It was pretty stiff and did not stretch much (due to the pre-stretched filaments), but was also fairly soft and easy on the fingers.  In addition, there was a little texture on the outside of the string, which made it a little more difficult to string than other strings with the same softness.  Overall however, it was a relatively easy stringing experience.

When I first hit the Energetic, I instantly noticed the grab it had on the ball and the enhanced ball pocketing.  The ball really sunk into the string bed on contact, and thus the strings were responsive and I was able to have great feel on all my shots.  The string was very soft and also provided a good amount of “pop” to the ball, making it pretty arm-friendly.  With the great ball pocketing, I was also able to generate ample amounts of spin on all my shots.  In addition to the nice playability, the strings lasted me a good 3-4 days in durability, which is much more than I would normally get out of a multifilament string, and right about on par with an average polyester string.

Overall, playing with the Isospeed Energetic 17 was a very nice experience.  It was a great well-rounded string, provided nice power, spin, and feel, while also maintaining tension, providing good durability, and being arm-friendly.  At $8.99 a set, the Energetic is definitely worth a try for anyone looking for an affordable, yet very playable all-around string with nice durability.