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Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro & Poly Force

Posted on February 26, 2010 in Strings

I recently tried the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro and the Poly Force. Of the two, I enjoyed the Poly Force more.

pppp16-1ATP Poly Power Pro

The ATP Poly Power Pro I actually did not enjoy hitting with very much. There was a significant initial tension loss in the stringbed, which made it feel extremely loose when I first picked it up to play with. The tension was also not very well distributed throughout the stringbed, and thus the play off the stringbed felt inconsistent. Sometimes I was able to keep the ball in play, and sometimes the ball would just fly on me unexpectedly. It did have nice “pop” however, with a good amount of power for a polyester. It also was relatively easy on the arm. I was able to generate good amounts of topspin and slice when needed as well. The durability was good too, as it lasted almost a week with daily wear (Editor’s note: Andy has broken co-poly strings in 30 minutes of hitting, so that is very impressive).

ppfo16-1Poly Force

I enjoyed playing with the Poly Force more than the ATP Poly Power Pro. I felt it was a little softer, and thus had nice feel and touch off the strings. I was unable to generate as much spin however, and the ball did not stay long on the strings. The tension throughout the stringbed was nice and consistent. What stood out to me was the excellent control I was able to have, while also being able to generate ample power on my shots. Durability and tension maintenance was excellent. Overall, a 7 out of 10.

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