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“I hate it… but I love it!”

Posted on August 30, 2010 in Health & Nutrition

Half-man, half-animal, Tony Horton and the rest of the Beachbody crew are what I like to call, MANIMALS.

Power 90 Extreme, more known as P90X, has become a daily routine for some of us working at Tennis Warehouse. We wanted to see if this was the “Mother of all workouts” and if it actually benefited our abilities on the tennis court.

You don’t need a full gym to do this program. All you need are push-up bars (if you have wrist injuries), pull-up bar, weights, and/or bands (which is what I use when it comes to pull-ups). I did a search on Talk Tennis to see if others had jumped on the same bandwagon. It looks like a lot of people are interested in its hype. Some attempt it, some do it, but only some have completed it. As for myself and Chris, we are currently in Week 7 and still going strong.

There’s a total of three phases, each consisting different workouts spread out over 4 weeks. Once your body starts getting used to the first three weeks, it changes in the fourth week focusing on different groups, then body shock again into the next phase. They refer to it as Muscle Confusion. Basically, the program keeps introducing new routines preventing a workout plateau.

Your results truly depend on what you’re willing to put into the program. Since I’m doing most of the workouts with Chris, we push each other due to our competitive nature. It’s always a competition between us and the Beachbody crew; comparing our strength to them. At the beginning, I came out of every exercise exhausted, sometimes to the point of vomiting. Going into Week 7, I now come out of every exercise completely energized because my fitness level has risen. Take that Dreya Webber and one-legged Plyo man! I’m doing legs with more weights and Plyos is like a walk in the park!

Along with the P90x workouts, I’ve bumped my tennis to three days a week and the shoulder is doing pretty well. I still have to use bands most of the time for pull-ups, but push-ups have gotten much easier. On the court, I can hit a more aggressive shot on my back foot or if I’m pulled into a defensive position. The core strengthening exercises are transitioning well into helping me have a stronger coiling action. With all of the exploding leg exercises, I can speedily get to most of Chris’s drop shots now… only to find that he’ll usually lob me afterward! That guy and his drop shots… make me .. sooo.. frustrated.

Anyways, I have yet to jump on the P90x diet, because I admit it, I love my foods! Other than that, I give the developers and the program of P90x two-thumbs up! Have you jumped on the P90x hype? Diet or no diet? If so, how’s it been going? Can you see the results transitioning onto the tennis court like Chris and I have?

Peace Sign,

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