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Quick review: Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip

Posted on December 16, 2013 in Miscellaneous

If you are looking for the tackiest grips of them all…look no further! After playtesting Tourna Grip Mega Tac Overgrip ourselves and running a playtest on our message boards, Talk Tennis, we are confident in saying that if you are a fan of tacky grips, this one is definitely the one for you!

This new Mega Tac grip from Tourna is the tackiest grip to ever have been created. Not only is it tacky, but it also lasts longer than any other grip you’ve used — retaining its tack for up to 14 hours of play.

TMTBK-1Being that the chilly fall days are here and winter is right around the corner, this is the grip for the brisk season of tennis playing! During the summer, you probably want a grip that will absorb the most sweat (think Tourna Grip), but in the colder temps and with less sweat, tacky is what you want when it comes to finding the perfect grip for your game. Hot or cold weather aside, we ran a playtest on Talk Tennis (our message board) and found that players are really loving this grip no matter the temperature outside! Check out some of the feedback we received from the Talk Tennis playtesters:

2011 Favorites: Accessories

Posted on December 28, 2011 in Miscellaneous

In this fourth installment of playtester favorites of 2011, we’re looking at accessories. This could include grips, overgrips, dampeners, wristbands … you get the picture.

In the spirit of year-end Best Of lists, some of our playtesters picked their favorite products of 2011 and explained why. So just who are these playtesters? Chris, Spencer, Jason, Brittany and Tiffani — we’re all familiar faces on the playtest team, and our jobs put us in contact with all of the newest products that go up on our web site.

Here are the playtesters’ picks for 2011 accessories:

Wilson Vibrafun Vibration Dampeners

Sometimes it’s nice to not take things too seriously, at least Tiffani and Brittany seem to think. They both chose this fun Wilson vibration dampener as their favorite racquet accessory for 2011.

Tiffani on the Vibrafun Dampener: “Call it silly, but I love to have fun with dampeners. A favorite of mine, but not new to 2011, is the Gamma String Things Dampener featuring the frog. It comes in a two-pack with a flower, but really, I stick with the frog. It reminds me of Sanrio’s Keroppi. For 2011, though, I have to give it to Wilson for the new Vibrafun Vibration Dampener designs. My personal favorites are the glitter hearts. I prefer the clear because it feels softer and more pliable. I’ve gone all girly since having a baby girl.”

Brittany weighs in: “The Wilson Vibra Fun dampener in glitter hearts is a fun addition to any racquet. Seriously, who wouldn’t love this dampener? It has glitter and is in the shape of a heart. Ok, maybe it is not for everybody but I can’t resist. In fact, I am not even really a fan of vibration dampeners and I will still use it.”

Prince DuraTac Overgrip

Prince DuraTac Overgip in black, also available in white

Jason took a more serious approach. As playtesters, we often have to share racquets. That can make a replacement grip wear out very quickly. An easy fix is an overgrip. Needless to say, we go through a lot of overgrips, so it’s easy to see understand why Jason would pick a new overgrip for his favorite 2011 accessory.

Jason on Prince DuraTac Overgrip: “Because it’s tacky, and I like that.”

Wilson Shock Shield System

Wilson Shock Shield Dampener

Wilson Shock Shield 17 (also available in 16 gauge)

Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip

This pick by Chris isn’t a single product but a series of three items from Wilson. Tennis can do a number on your body if you’re not careful, and many TW playtesters, Chris included, have struggled with arm/shoulder pain at one time or another.

Chris on the Shock Shield System: “Put the string, grip and damp together and you can turn even the harshest feeling racquet feel plush and comfortable. What a great way for players to improve comfort without the expense of a new racquet.”

Yonex Dampener

Yonex Dampener

Spencer chose two accessories. First is the Yonex Dampener. They come with Yonex racquets, but we started selling them separately in 2011. This dampener is a favorite not just with Spencer. Tiffani would have to agree that this is one of the best.

Spencer on the Yonex Dampener: “It has a nice rubber consistency, it’s easy to install, and it stays in.”

Volkl wristbands

For his second pick, Spencer went with sweat management. Even on the indoor testing court, things can get pretty heated!

Spencer’s take on the Volkl wristbands: “Perfect length, not too short, not too long. Perfect tightness, not too loose, not too tight, and excellent moisture absorbtion.”


Check back in tomorrow for our next installment of playtester favorites. We’ll take a look at socks.

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Got Grap?

Posted on March 24, 2011 in Miscellaneous

As far as I’m concerned, Yonex Super Grap lives up to its name.

No, not the grap part. I’m not even sure what grap is? I’m talking about the super part. Super Grap is simply a super grip. Not only does it absorb sweat well, it offers some nice tack and is pretty durable for an overgrip.

Plenty of grips have come along to imitate Super Grap, such as Wilson Pro Overgrip, but Super Grap will always be the original, and in my opinion is still the best.

It offers just the right amount of thickness for an overgrip. There’s enough material for some cushioning and comfort, yet not so much that I lose bevel feel. Super Grap over a leather grip is about as good as it gets for racquet feel for me. As tennis players, we feel everything through our hands first, and that feel of a Super Grap over a leather grip immediately improves the feel I get from any racquet.

There’s pretty much only one scenario that has me straying from Super Grap as my first choice. When I’m playing in really hot, humid weather, nothing beats the absorption of a Tournagrip. I used to be a Tournagrip guy through and through, but once I discovered Super Grap, I was converted for all but the hottest and stickiest days.

Super Grap doesn’t just impress on the performance front, it also offers visual appeal with the large variety of colors available. Depending on my mood, I can throw on a bright, contrasting grip, or go darker or more tonal. As I write this we have 9 different color options of Super Grap available. With so many color choices, I’m going to have to buy some more racquets just to keep up!



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