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Vergeer teaches us life lessons

Posted on February 21, 2013 in Miscellaneous Pro Tennis Talk

Ever so often, we are lucky to experience not only sheer talent, but a timeless role model continuing to better the sport after their retirement.   Esther Vergeer.  I hope you have heard of her, Jason wrote an awesome blog about her here.  I wanted to take the chance to acknowledge not only her accomplishments on the court since she has retired this month after being the most dominant figure in Wheelchair Tennis, but also note the great things she is doing in her work off the court.

Retiring a few months short of her 32nd birthday, her stats are pretty mind-blowing.  She has 42 Grand Slam titles.  22 year-end championships.  And 7 Paralympic titles.  When an ATP or WTA player holds the number one spot for a year, it’s an impressive feat.  Vergeer has held the number one spot since 1999.    And she ended her career on a winning streak of 470 matches that began in January 2003.

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