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Men’s Shoes: new season new colors

Posted on October 12, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Strings and shoes. The two things that always need replacing. As far as shoes are concerned, there are a lot of factors that add to this, such as how much you’re playing, what surface you’re playing on, your footwork.. Basically, the replacement rate comes from how harsh you are on your shoes. The best thing I love about shoes is that you’re not stuck with any certain type for too long. Yes, we all have our favorites, but tennis companies are understanding that while we not only want to try different types of shoes, we want different colors in our favorite shoes.

Our website is SO big, and ALWAYS changing, so I thought I would make things easy and highlight some of the cool new colorways we have in our shoe lines (yes, I’m nice, oh, stop flattering me, I make things easy for you? I know).

Nike Vapor 9

Nike Air Max Courtballistec 4.3

Nike Court Ballistec 4.1

Nike City Court VII

Nike Zoom Breathe 2k12

Nike Air Serve Return

Nike Air Max Challenge

adidas barricade 7.0

Prince Scream 3

Are these cool? Uh ya. I sit next to Jason in the office and after bullying him to look at my blog, we both agreed that the Vapor 9s and theĀ Courtballistecs have the coolest colorways right now.

Take that!


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