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Bring attitude with the Nike Print Short

Posted on February 10, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

I have a few rules when it comes to buying tennis clothes. Comfy. Functional. And lastly, although it’s not high up the list, yeah, I like looking decent. For women playing tennis, and I ironically write this after Azarenka won the 2012 Australian Open in a really cute pair (check ’em out, I tried on some and they’re SO nice), good tennis shorts are really hard to find. There are definitely shorts out there, but they really are limited. I personally like a good pair of tighter fitting shorts that hold the ball without me having to worry about it falling out.

Yes, I’m back to Nike this week. I promise I will be branching out more, but when these came in I loved them. When I’m training, I’m definitely a baggy t-shirt, spandex kind of girl. I look for comfy, easy to move in, and like I said before and I’ll say it again, something the ball won’t fall out of. There’s something about spandex that’s just so easy to wear. Either toss them on as a compression short, underneath a skirt or dress for a flash of color, or rock it solo with a cute t-shirt. The best and boldest way to do this in 2012? With the Nike Print Short.

Nike Print Short

Nike Print Short

These are cool! The color design is one of a kind, and you can trust that they look better in real life than on the computer screen. They’re so unique and Nike’s done an amazing job moving out of the mainstream color design of plain ol’ black or solid tones. They come in two base colors, blue and purple, with a mixture of black, blues, greens, grey and red — really, just check out the pics or click on the link because it’s easier seeing than describing. The Nike Print Short is bright, flashy and quirky. I really like that they’re outside the range of regular offerings and that we are able to get a little more personality in what we girls wear! They’re crazy (in a good way!), colorful and the perfect complement to a plain tee. Want to kick your wardrobe up a notch and go bold print? Nike Print Shorts are the fun way to do it.

Nike Print Short

Nike Print Short

They’re made of a combination of polyester and spandex so they fit snugly, with a nice feeling touch to the material. The Nike Pro elastic waistband is comfy and brings with it the promise of a quality product. The best thing I like about them? The attitude that these shorts bring. They exude a certain kind of athletic-ness, certainty and confidence. Wear these to practice or the gym and you won’t have to fish for compliments. Go bold.



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