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Color Your Feet

Posted on May 4, 2011 in Shoes and Apparel

When it comes to women and tennis shoes, there is sometimes a lack of color and style in the tennis industry. The excitement we have in, let’s say, high heels doesn’t transfer over to the design of tennis shoes. There’s so much more hype on next season’s men’s shoes than women’s. It’s been known that men have more passion when it comes to sneakers, but women have an overall shoe addiction. So why has the excitement stopped when it comes to women’s tennis shoes?

With the launch of new women’s shoes, white and grey shoes sell the best. In theory, it’s a style that will match any tennis outfit. Personally, I wish my feet could step into something colorful! For those who want a stylish and exciting look, the following shoes will not only bring pizazz to your tennis wardrobe, but also offer comfort and stability for the high performance wear!

With spring here and summer along the way, Nike adds violet to its Zoom Breathe 2K10 line. With the colorful the cage, you get the support needed in aggressive movement as well as a style that Nike executed beautifully.

Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10

Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10

Another Nike shoe that I loved to play in was the Air Max Mirabella III. The green apple and vibrant blue version is from last season so it’s now on sale. This is for the player with a medium width foot looking for a full package of comfort, support, and of course a joyful pop of color! (Click here for TW’s review.)

Nike Air Max Mirabella II

Nike Air Max Mirabella III

adidas joins the season’s trend of pastels with its Fresh Pink Barricade adilibria. The tonal design gives it an added texture. If the pink seems too feminine, players can find a bolder look with the purple metallic version or tone it down to a white with intense green stripes. Barricades have a reputation for being one of the best high performance shoes out there, and they live up to it! (Click here for TW’s review.)

adidas Barricade adilibria

adidas Barricade adilibria

Asics designed a shoe with a Flexion Fit upper in a cage-like design. The bold black with hot pink underlay makes the Gel Resolution 3 a shoe for the aggressive player who wants to match her game with her look. Our site says we currently do no have them in stock, but we’ll be getting another shipment in two months. This shoe is too good not to mention its stability and comfort. (Click here for video review.)

Asics Gel Resolution 3

Asics Gel Resolution 3

If you want a more subtle transition into the color world, there are plenty of white shoes that offer hints of color. Make sure to check our website to find a shoe that will fit your style, or you may find yourself stepping into something different!

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