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2011 Favorites: Strings

Posted on December 27, 2011 in Miscellaneous Strings

Let’s take a look at strings in this third installment of playtester favorites of 2011. In the spirit of year-end Best Of lists, some of our playtesters picked their favorite products of 2011 and explained why. So just who are these playtesters? Chris, Spencer, Jason, Brittany and Tiffani — we’re all familiar faces on the playtest team, and our jobs put us in contact with all of the newest products that go up on our web site.

Favorite strings of 2011:

Wilson NXT Control

Wilson NXT Control

Chris is a guy who likes to play around with all kinds of string set-ups. You may have not heard about his low tension experiment from 2010. He tried stringing poly at what some might think are ridiculously low tensions, for example in the 30s, even hand pulled. You know what? Poly is playable at that tension.

Chris on the multifilament from Wilson, NXT Control: “This string feels to me like I’m hitting a poly/multi hybrid. It offers more control than a multi yet is more comfortable than a poly, which is why we hybrid! Now you don’t have to. I usually like poly monofilaments, but I really like this multi because it offers lots of comfort with great control.”

Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite

Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite

Our playtesters think alike once more. It was a hat trick for this German-made 18 gauge poly with Spencer, Brittany and Jason choosing Mosquito Bite as their favorite new string of 2011. What’s the appeal?

Spencer on Mosquite Bite: “I found a lively feel for some added pop as well as excellent access to spin.”

Brittany on Mosquito Bite: “First off, I love the color options. I feel like this string can look good in any racquet. Secondly, I found it had all the elements I look for: power, spin, and control. Normally I am not a full poly person (I prefer a hybrid) but I enjoyed it in a full bed. And lastly, Mosquito Bite is an awesome name, period.”

Jason on Mosquito Bite: “It’s comfortable and provides great pop and spin. What’s not to like?”

Tecnifibre XR1

Tecnifibre XR1

You can count on Tiffani as being a fan of multifilament strings. Though she plays with a lot of polys while playtesting, in her own racquets, you’re sure to find either a full bed of multifilament or a hybrid with a softer co-poly.

Tiffani on XR1: “I like the feel of this multifilament because it’s arm friendly without being mushy. Tension maintenance is also pretty good. Downside, though, is that it frays.”

So what’s your favorite string of 2011? Weigh in! We’d love to hear your opinions.


Check back in later this week for our next installment of playtester favorites. We’ll take a look at racquet/string accessories next.

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

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