Continued success at US Open for Kveta Peschke

Kveta explores the city on her day off.

Hello everyone!

I had a nice day off today so had a little bit of fun in the city in the morning then an easy practice and massage on site after. Here is a fun photo from my day in the Big Apple and Central Park…no shopping bags though! ; )

Tomorrow I have two matches so after a good dinner I am planning to have an early night to prepare well!

I will send you more updates tomorrow : )


Day 8

Hey! Here I am again and so happy about this day. All I could have wished for today came true. This is one of those days which should never end! :)

After having a really difficult season so far these wins are very important to me and keep me going. I am very thankful that my partner Julia Goerges played such a fantastic match today! It made things much easier! We were playing King/Shvedova, one of the best teams in the world, and were able to

Kveta (at right) talks tactics with her partner, Julia Georges, at the US Open.

win 6:4 6:2. The first set was really close and could have gone either way but we were a bit luckier in the important moment. In the second set we were rolling and Julia made some unbelievable points so we got an early lead and kept going till the end.

Mixed worked out well too! I lost the last two mixed matches against Sania Mirza and today I was able to finally win one again. We always have good matches against each other and she is a great player and a strong fighter but today it was my turn! :)

I just found out that I am playing tomorrow both doubles and mixed so I have to get something to eat now which is luckily not really difficult in New York.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my next matches, and of course I will let you know how things worked out.

So all the best to you and I get back to you tomorrow…Kveta


Mixed Up Doubles Outfits

“To match, or not to match, that is the question.”

So while this may not be William Shakespeare’s exact quote, it is a dilemma many mixed doubles teams face when it comes to their tennis apparel.

And personally, I am all for matching at some level in mixed doubles.  This “matching” can range from complete synchronization of outfits to wearing similar colors to show team spirit.

The first level of mixed doubles apparel is the complete coordination of your outfits by wearing the same color top as well as the same color bottom. For this example, the Nike Women’s Fall Smash Strappy Tank in Treasure Blue and Nike Fall Set Point Skort in Black goes flawlessly together with the Nike Men’s Fall RF Trophy Court Crew in Treasure Blue and Nike Fall Challenger Woven Short in Black.

Matchy-Matchy Outfit

Too much matching for your taste? Try the opposite approach. Have the same color combo but reverse the colors on each teammate. The woman can sport the Fila ’11 Essenza Sleveless Polo in Black with Fila ’11 Essenza Ruffle Skort in White, while the man can wear the Fila Summer Collezoine Sleeve Stripe Polo in White with the Fila Spring Baseline Short in Black on the bottom.

Opposite Colors Outfit

So if you still want to show your team unity but not completely match, check out this combo of men’s and women’s apparel that has similar colors but doesn’t overly match. The Nike Fall Set Point Tank in Blue Glow on top and the Nike Fall Smash Pleated Skort in Obsidian Navy for the women pairs with the Nike Fall Showdown Frequency Print Crew in White and Nike Fall Showdown Woven Short in Obsidian Navy for the men.

Similar Colors Outfit

Another twist on a mixed doubles outfit would be incorporating a dress. The Yonex 2011 Paris Dress for the ladies makes a statement with the Yonex 2011 Paris Polo and Slam Short for the gentlemen.

Matching Outfit with Dress Combo

This last outfit has similar colors and patterns but doesn’t seem overly coordinated. For her, the Nike Fall Border Strappy Tank in High Voltage and Nike Fall Print Border Skort in Black looks lovely. While for him, the Nike Showdown Camo T-Shirt in Black with the Nike Basic NET 9” Woven Short in Black is the perfect match.

Similar Colors and Patterns Outfit

So what do you think of matching mixed doubles outfits?

Ad Out,


PS- Special thanks to Kana and Jason for being my awesome models!

All Mixed Up

This past March I played my first tournament since 2005. Open singles. Ready to go. Walking onto the court I felt the same tingles and butterfly sensations I had when playing competitive tennis many years ago; except there was one difference. Confidence. The overwhelming feeling of knowing my game isn’t what it used to be tightens my body and jolts my mind in such a negative way my heart wants to escape through my chest. I try to tell myself I have nothing to lose. These juniors and collegiate players are going for Open rankings, but me, I’m there purely for the competition and how well I can do with what I have today.

The Women’s Open Singles draw was Round of 16. A young junior walked onto the court and my heart pounded in my chest. The adrenaline rush was incredible, yet terrifying. The match started and boom, 6-3, 6-4. I thought to myself, “All right, I still have somewhat of a game.” Oh wait. And then it came. I’ve never played tennis for more than a lunch period in the past four years, and I knew what it was right when I walked off – lactic acid.

This is what I get for not training my body for something I clearly knew I wasn’t fit for. Nevertheless, an hour later lights are on, night match, and I’m going up against the third seed. During the warm-up I clearly thought to myself, “Is this person really the third seed because she’s a Muppet?!” A term we like to use in the office when we’re playing so-called “worthless” tennis. My confidence was up and I started the match with a quick 3-0 lead. I determined I was making it to the semis and prove to myself four years off didn’t faze me. One unforced error. It’s okay simple mistakes happen. Two.. three.. a few more.. WOW she’s tied it up. Boom – first set done at 4-6. My confidence dropped like the stock market of 1929. I ended up losing 4-6, 4-6 to a person I believed I should’ve fed bagels to. Nevertheless, my initial thoughts ‘You have nothing to lose’ was overcome by the distinct feeling of pure… Muppetness. Four years off had affected my mental toughness and that’s where she was the better player.

Since the disparaging confidence booster of my first tournament I have played in two more tournaments. Singles? No. But mixed doubles, yes. I’ve just come back from the Tracy Austin Doubles Tournament at the Jack Kramer Club in Rolling Hills Estates. Open Mixed Doubles. Ready to go. I walked onto the court with the same exact tingling, butterfly sensation I had in my first tournament. Except this time was different. I had an amazing doubles partner in which our on-court chemistry was a definite confidence booster.

The Mixed Open draw had a total of 8 teams. Starting in at the quarterfinals we were matched up against a competing junior and her partner whose mother was on the Board of Directors; both native players to the area. The crowd was obviously against us, but in the end we pulled away finishing the match 6-7, 7-6, 6-0. My confidence was a little rocky because of our extremely slow start, but up next was the number one seed. Due to scheduling differences, the match was agreed to be an 8-game pro set. And what can I say, we played clutch and grabbed an 8-3 win. Number one seed out and Kana and Gerst in! Onto the finals we went.

The next day, noon, clear skies, and the center court heated up to the 90s. The chair announced the start of the Mixed Open Doubles Finals. Huge serves and amazing hands from the opponents put us down 3-6 in the first set. We got pumped as the second set began. New set, new attitude, and we had a huge 5-2 lead. We were a completely different team up until then. The girl holds serve. 5-3. It’s okay. Next game we’ll hold serve and close it out. We’re taking this to a third and bringing home the bacon. Boom – they break our serve! Now we’re returning the man’s serve at 5-4. Of course the former #1 of a Division I college holds. Five all. Five all from 5-2! What?! Okay my turn. I hold serve to bring it to 6-5. All we have to do is break the junior’s serve and we’re in the third. What happens? She holds serve and it’s tiebreaker time. One right after the other we’re down 2-6. We can come back! 3-6! It’s the big man’s serve and YES! Some solid returning and now it’s 5-6 my serve. Calm down, breath, and relax. BOOM – a whopping double fault. Muppet… again.

That same feeling I felt in my first tournament of four years crept over my body and mind right on Center Court. I turned around and put my head down, clutched my hat with despair, and took it in. I hugged my partner, shook hands with the other team as well as the official, and took home half as much winnings than I wanted. Good match opponents! You were the stronger team and came back for the win.

Me and Andy Gerst - Finalists - Courtesy of Scott Varley/Daily Breeze

Me and Andy Gerst - Finalists - Courtesy of Scott Varley/Daily Breeze

Overall, it was an amazing experience. The roller coaster of emotions during match play and the intensity of the crowd in the recent tournaments has brought back the competitive spirit I’ve always loved, and of course disliked as well. Even though I’ve felt like a Muppet in my recent matches, I know what I need to work on to get back in the mix of things. Whether it be in doubles, mixed doubles, and maybe a shot back into the singles game, confidence and mental toughness are a big detriment in my matches.

Can you remember a time where the match was all up to chance on whether you could pull it out mentally? Share the intensity of a win or the heartache of not getting beat by your opponent, but by yourself.

Peace Sign,