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Inside TW: Match crew – men’s choice

Posted on May 22, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Rafa repping a Nike dry-fit match tee, on the practice court

Rafa repping a Nike dry-fit match tee, on the practice court

Yes, we watch the pros for how they play and what they do on court. But it’s also fun seeing what they wear. Whether they are Nike, adidas or Sergio Tacchini sponsored, they’re usually wearing some pretty sweet gear. I asked some of the playtesters what their favorite match t-shirts are, because whether you’re playing a tournament, a practice match, or just a buddy for fun, sometimes we like to style things up a bit.

Mike, or as some know him, Monchichi, was quick to pick his favorite: the Nike Men’s Summer 1 Graphic Tread Crew. As usual, I got a bit of attitude when I asked why he liked it, “Reasons why are first of all, it gives me SWAG and makes me look good. Haha.” ( a) that’s him laughing, not me, and b) he’s actually right, this shirt has swag). He said, “Materials are your normal polyester which is always comfy and doesn’t absorb sweat which I like” (the Dri-Fit wicks it away).

Nike Men's Summer 1 Graphic Tread Crew in Black

Nike Men's Summer 1 Graphic Tread Crew in Black

It has a pinhole mesh back panel, which keeps you cool while playing and (because comfort is as important as looks) there are flat seams on the shoulders and armholes that are designed to allow complete movement with out any restrictions. Mike also liked how the crew looked, saying, “Colors on this shirt are pretty noticeable and love the design on the front. Lastly it’s Nike….best brand besides TW of’ course!” (No, geeeez, he hasn’t been trained to say that!) Also, it comes in four colors so there’s something to suit everybody.

Liking to stray a little away from the mainstream is Troy. He said, “Of the apparel we carry, my preferred crew to wear on tournament weekends, is the Quiksilver Men’s Checkered Crew. I currently have this top in black as well as red, and I love the fit and weight of this top.”

As Troy likes, this crew is lightweight,  and has comfortable raglan sleeves (to allow a better range of motion). The material is really soft, which is perfect for Troy as he explained, “When playing a match I like to wear apparel made from 100% polyester, being that I sweat profusely and it tends to dry the fastest and keeps me feeling light.”


Quiksilver Men's Checkered Crew in Black

Quicksilver Men's Checkered Crew in Black

He said, “I wore a lot of Quicksilver casual surf apparel growing up, being a native to the central coast where I spent many days at the beach.  As soon as I found out we were going to be carrying Quiksilver performance apparel I was stoked and I have found myself advertising the brand quite heavily.  I also find that I am typically the only person rocking quicksilver gear when I go to a tournament.”

Spencer can always be relied on to keep it classy, (unless he’s drop-shotting and slicing dirty winners against me in a set), but he stepped up with his favorite: the Nike Men’s Summer 1 RF Smash Clay Polo. Just a side note: Roger, I love you. In Spencer’s words, “When it comes to a match day top, I like to mix a more classy, subtle style with modern fit and technology. The Summer 1 RF Smash Clay Polo is a great example.”

He describes it as, “A solid color polo with classic left chest pocket offers an elegant look, while the Dri-Fit and Spandex combination of material makes it easy to play with comfort and uninhibited movement.” Agreed. To sound smart, the polo has sonic welded seams at the shoulders, armholes and sides (oh Rog, you go too far!), and side vents for great air flow. It also comes in two colors, blue and anthracite.

Nike Men's Summer 1 RF Smash Clay Polo in Soar Blue

Nike Men's Summer 1 RF Smash Clay Polo in Soar Blue

Jason picked a crew that has a new technology called coldblack. The Under Armour Men’s coldblack Crew is designed so the colors don’t absorb heat like they normally would. Playing in the hot sun in dark colors won’t be sweaty and warm, as the dark colors act like light colors – instead of heating up in the sun, the crew stays cool by reflecting the heat.

Normally a man of so many words, Jason simply said, “My favorite.” The best parts that he likes about this crew? “I love the lightweight material and how it wicks away sweat.” It’s made of polyester so it’s super light, and has silver contrast stitching on the shoulders. It’s comfortable and cool, and Jason really liked the fit because “it’s not as lose as a regular t-shirt.” It’s perfect for a hot day outdoors, because as Jason pointed out to me, “As a bonus, it has SPF 30 for sun protection.”

Under Armour Men's coldblack Crew in Black

Under Armour Men's coldblack Crew in Black

What is your favorite match shirt?




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